Christian college students interact in Blue Hill Coffee, a student-run enterprise at SWU.

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Science Faculty

Division of Science

Tracy Coker - Lab & Safety Manager

Location: Gibson

Dr. Michele Eller - Assistant Professor of Biology

Location: Gibson 156 CPhone: 864-644-5254

Rebecca Fort - Instructor of Mathematics

Location: Brower 115Phone: 864.644.5214

Robert Furr - Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Location: Rickman Library 0-110Phone: 864-644-5034

Dr. Tingting Han - Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Location: Gibson 154 APhone: 864-644-5252

Dr. Patty Hovis - Associate Professor of Exercise Science

Location: Brower 109Phone: 864-644-5211

Dr. Staci Johnson - Chair of the Division of Science, Associate Professor of Biology, and Coordinator of Biology Program

Location: Gibson 156 APhone: 864-644-5256

Dr. Martin LaBar - Professor Emeritus of Science

Dr. Jeffrey Mohr - Associate Professor of Biology

Location: Gibson 156 BPhone: 864-644-5255

Dr. Robert Nash - Professor Emeritus of Biology

Dr. Mickey Rickman - Professor Emeritus of Mathematics

Don Schaupp - Assistant Professor Emeritus of Computer Science

Dr. James Schmutz - Professor Emeritus of Chemistry

Dr. Walt Sinnamon - Professor of Biology

Location: Brower 123Phone: 864-644-5218

Dr. Hyun Jin Son - Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Location: Brower 121Phone: 864-644-5216

Affiliate Faculty

Dr. John Atcheson - Affiliate Professor of Forensic Science
Forensic Odontology

Chief Kerry Avery - Affiliate Professor of Forensic Science
Arson Seminar

Anna Ball - Affiliate Professor of Computer Science

Brian Bartlett - Affiliate Professor of Computer Science

Jane Fleming - Affiliate Professor of Physical Science and Math

Jeff Hollifield - Affiliate Professor of Forensic Science
Trace Evidence Seminar

Ivy Kaufman - Affiliate Professor of Physics

Kerri Kwist - Affiliate Professor of Forensic Science
DNA Analysis and Serology Seminar

Mark Mealy - Affiliate Professor of Computer Science