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BS in Early Childhood Education



Train to be the best teacher you can be and make an eternal impact in the lives of young children.

Do you feel called to work with young children? Have a passion for teaching? The early childhood education degree program at SWU prepares you to be a leader, trend-setter, an innovator in an ever-changing society dedicated to preparing future generations for a life of success. Here, faculty members are more like mentors and guides, walking alongside you in your journey to become highly qualified to teach in your area of interest and passion. This degree is recognized by the South Carolina Department of Education.

Relevant Practices, Faith-Filled Curriculum

As an Early Childhood Education major, you will learn to understand young children’s characteristics and learn how to create healthy, respectful, supportive and challenging environments for all children. You will gain understanding of the importance and complex characteristics of children’s families and communities, and then use this understanding to create respectful, reciprocal relationships that support and empower families. You will learn about the goals, benefits, and uses of assessment, observations, documentation and other effective assessment strategies in a responsible way. In partnership with families and other professionals, you will also learn how to positively influence children’s development and learning, how to exercise a Christian Ethic of Care in an educational setting, and how to integrate faith and life experiences when working with children and families.

Is an Early Childhood Education Degree Right For Me?

Our program ensures that you get classroom practicum experience your first year as an education major. Consider an Early Childhood Education degree if you want to contribute to the academic success of young children during an important time when they are developing their personality and social skills, understand that the needs of younger children are much different from older learners, and enjoy interacting with young children. Step into your calling to teach and positively influence future generations!


Looking for Application Support?

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Emma Lancaster - Early Childhood Education Graduate


Career Preparation

This program opens the door to many career possibilities including:

  • Early Childhood or Elementary School Teacher
  • Academic Coach
  • Education Coordinator
  • Day Care Administrator
  • Curriculum Specialist

Graduate Experience

Our graduates have gone into a number of careers and have held jobs with employers such as:

  • Public Schools
  • Private Schools
  • Day Care Centers
  • Libraries