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Dr. Bob Black Gives Monday Evening Rally Message on "Exalting Christ-Empowering the Church for Boldness"

    05.12.04 |

    Monday evening's rally opened with an abundance of praise music-from stirring, upbeat choruses to some of the well-remembered Sunday school songs from years gone by.





    Preceding Dr. Bob Black's historical presentation, General Superintendent Dr. Earle Wilson gave special awards to two "Laypersons of the Quadrennium"-with the recipients being Dr. Lowell Jennings and Dr. Charles Joiner.

    Dr. Bob Black's message was enthusiastically received, as he took those present through the history of the beginnings of what was to become The Wesleyan Church. Asking the question: "Do we know who we are as a Church?" Dr. Black reminded those in attendance that "Who we are is who we were."

    Sharing from his vast research into the history of our early Church heritage, Dr. Black brought fascinating historical information on many of the people who would take a stand against unjust treatment of those under persecution. A wealth of facts were given regarding Church heroes such as Adam Crooks, Orange Scott, and Micajah McPherson. A portion of Black's presentation focused on Freedom's Hill, the first Wesleyan church built in the South and dedicated in 1848. This historic church building has been moved and renovated, and is now on the campus of Southern Wesleyan University. The challenge was given to be "the church of the Living God; to be world changers in the name of Christ; to be true Wesleyans