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How to study from home effectively

How to study from home effectively

    05.10.18 | SWU Online

    As more and more educational opportunities move online, students are finding themselves studying, learning, and taking classes from home. While the perks of an online education can seem unbeatable—an easy commute, endless access to your kitchen, and a comfortable work space—it can also be hard to keep your head down and focus on your studies.

    Here are five ways to set yourself up for success so that you can study from home more effectively.

    1. Set a schedule.

    You need to set aside certain hours of the day to work, right? You should be doing the same thing for your schooling. Start by opening your favorite calendar app or taking out a pen and paper to write down all of your weekly obligations. Add in studying times when you see a gap, and plan on keeping the appointment the same way you would any other commitment. Set phone reminders and block out time on your calendar so that you know exactly when you need to hit the books.


    2. Set up an office space you’ll love.

    If you love where you’re studying, then you’ll be more excited to spend time there! Start with a comfy chair, a spacious desk, and a bright lamp. Add in storage or files to keep your notes in order, and make sure to stock up with plenty of pens, paper and supplies so that you’re not running out to grab a notebook when you should be studying.


    3. Minimize distractions.

    When you’re taking classes online, it’s essential to have technology at your fingertips at all times. While this definitely opens up your opportunities for learning at your own pace, it also leaves you ripe for plenty of distractions. Luckily, there’s an app for that! Try using a program like Cold Turkey, which allows you to blacklist websites or apps so you can’t use them during your scheduled study time.


    4. Dress like you’re leaving the house.

    In a world full of so many athleisure clothing options, it’s all too easy to throw on a pair of yoga crops or sweatpants and call it an outfit. And why not study in comfort, right? The problem is, this can put you right into relaxation mode when you should be alert and focused. But when you take the time to pull on jeans and a t-shirt, you might be less inclined to take a quick study break on the couch or crawl back into bed.


    5. Take a moment to focus and prepare your mind.

    Before you crack open your laptop or pull out a book, sit down and close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths and let yourself focus on the task in front of you. In those moments when studying feels like a struggle, remind yourself why you’re going to school—to open more doors? To advance in your career? To provide a better life for your family? Whatever your reason, visualize the outcome. Press on, and you’ll have that diploma in your hand before you know it. 


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