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Moments that Matter: Podcast explores impactful life choices

Moments that Matter: Podcast explores impactful life choices

    01.24.20 | Spiritual Life Faith-filled community

    Rev. Scott Williams, left, and Dr. Paul Shotsberger interview author Dr. Stephanie Derrick, on laptop, for a Moments that Matter podcast.

    Most of us have looked back on pivotal moments that set the course of our lives – for better or worse – not realizing in the moment the gravity of saying a simple “yes” or “no.”

    Dr. Paul Shotsberger, professor of graduate studies in the School of Education at Southern Wesleyan University, and Rev. Scott Williams, SWU Online’s chaplain, are producing a podcast to seek out stories about those impactful, life-defining moments.

    Shotsberger says the podcast is about paying attention to the moments in our lives that have a long-term impact, especially on the choice of vocation.

    “We have these moments that are decision points. You could have made decisions for God and they’re blessed from the beginning, you could have decisions made for yourself then God redeems them and that’s awesome, or you could have these decisions made for yourself and basically there’s nothing but loss as a result of it,” Shotsberger said.

    Shotsberger and Williams’ interview mostly authors for the 30-minute podcast. Dr. Stephanie Derrick, an award winning historian of religion in the modern era, was among the first of the authors they interviewed. Derrick originally intended to major in English, but a professor urged her to consider studying history. She has just published “The Fame of C.S. Lewis,” a book about the renowned English apologist and author whose works ranged from “The Chronicles of Narnia,” for children to classics including “Mere Christianity” and “The Screwtape Letters” aimed at adult readers.

    “All of a sudden there was this turning and then writing about C.S. Lewis and then writing about Christian publishing – all these things I think were completely unexpected in the midst of her second master’s,” Shotsberger said.

    “I think the human condition by nature connects through stories. Everyone daily finds themselves in moments of greater or lesser significance where a yes or no could lead to a path in one direction or another,” said Williams. “This podcast highlights the nature of these moments and how seemingly insignificant it could be at the moment it happens, but what tremendous ramifications they have for good or evil – hopefully for good. I think that the audience is cued in to looking for those moments in their own lives and being aware of the journey of now that they find themselves in and recognizing that it’s the individual ‘yesses’ to these moments that come that can ultimately lead to what God desires for them.”

    “In a world of digital isolation and increasing conflict, I am so excited that this podcast concept has found wings,” said Dr. Todd Voss, president of Southern Wesleyan. “Relationships are built on stories that matter, stories that inspire and stories that help move us and transform us. This podcast driven by Shotsberger and Williams has at its core those kinds of impactful stories, and listeners will all live better as a result!”

    Moments that Matter is currently available as an Apple Podcast, on Anchor by Spotify, RadioPublic and other podcast platforms soon.

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