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Nine Students Inducted into Alpha Chi

    02.12.03 | Student Life

    Juniors Kristen Biggerstaff, Jessica LaRue, Kyle Woodworth, and Mary Elizabeth Urps, along with seniors Joshua Addis, Travis Gilbert, Emily Rampey, Cindy Gravely, and Kimberly McMurphy joined Jenni Clay, Faith Haithcock, Amber Martin, Justin Petersen, Ruth Anne Potts, and Joshua Ray, who were inducted last year.

    Alpha Chi’s purpose is to promote academic excellence and exemplary character among college and university students. The name comes from the initial letters of the Greek words for “truth” and “character.”

    While its membership requirements are the same as Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Chi is unique among honor societies because it encourages not only scholarship but also service and faithfulness to the religious ideals of Southern Wesleyan. Recommendations for membership come from the registrar and the academic dean; Academic Council approves candidates. Those who are inducted take a solemn pledge of membership to “guard with due diligence the scholarship of this university, the honesty and integrity of its scholars, and the moral and religious ideals of their Alma Mater.”

    Founded in 1915, Alpha Chi came to Southern Wesleyan in 1981, becoming the fourth chapter in South Carolina. Chemistry professor Dr. James Schmutz founded the chapter and served as its first sponsor. Academic Dean Gloria Bell served as the next sponsor, followed by the current sponsor, Dr. Laura Black. Dr. Brad Fipps and Dean Bell are the assistant sponsors. Other faculty and staff who are Alpha Chi members are Prof. Jane Dill and Ms. Maria Kithcart.