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Spring graduation '04 - More than 330 earn degrees at Southern Wesleyan

    05.19.04 | Academics Awards and recognitions

    Southern Wesleyan University students received associate’s, bachelor’s or master’s degrees at the university’s graduation ceremonies May 8, according to Registrar Rock McCaskill.

    The university held two separate graduation ceremonies at Walden Tysinger Gymnasium. The 10:30 a.m. ceremony was for graduating students from the university’s Central and Greenville locations earning associate’s, bachelor’s, Master of Education or Master of Ministry degrees. The 3 p.m. ceremony was for students from the university’s Charleston, Columbia and North Augusta locations earning associate’s and bachelor’s degrees, as well as for students from all locations earning Masters of Science or Master of Business Administration degrees.

    These ceremonies marked the graduation of Southern Wesleyan University’s first group of Master of Business Administration students. Also, Jamar Rashad Eubanks received the university’s first bachelor’s degree in sports management. And Rupal Ramesh Shah was the university’s first Honors Program graduate, majoring in biology and chemistry.

    Southern Wesleyan University graduates included:

    In South Carolina:

    Stephen Troy Boan, A.S. in Business; Christopher Cady, A.S. in Business; Kimberly R. HoldRen, B.S. in Management; Daryl D. Hopperton, B.S. in Management; Laura Jan Lane, B.S. in Management; Rik Andrew Pennington, B.S. in Management; and April Michelle Youngblood, A.S. in Business.

    John William Bingham, B.S. in Pre-Medicine; Daisy W. Church, Master of Education; Colette Robinson Davis, Master of Education; Lori Ann Davis, A.S. in Business; Thomas M. Davis, M.S. in Management; Melissa Gail Dunn, B.A. in Music; Michelle Lynn Hubbard, M.S. in Management; Stephen A. Matthews, B.S. in Business Administration; John D. Niemeyer, B.S. in Business Administration; Sherri Phillips, Master of Education; Alison Mauldin Webb, Master of Education; and April Bryant Wentzky, B.S. in Special Education.

    Ricky Leaphart, A.S. in Business.

    Terri P. Hozey, M.S. in Management; Stephanie Nicole Jones, B.S. in Business Administration; Julia Loudermilk McDowell , Master of Education; and Candy M. Sell, Master of Education.

    David N. Corn , Master of Business Administration; and Charita Denise Pinkney Harmon, M.S. in Management.

    Boiling Springs
    Sherilyn Ann Sheets, B.A. in English; and Joseph Allen Talley, B.S. in Business Administration.

    Jan W. Owens, M.S. in Management.

    Melissa D. Cash, B.S. in Business Administration.

    Brad C. Powers, M.S. in Management.

    Michael A. Denzel, M.S. in Management.

    Angela Day Ballard, Master of Education; Geoffrey C. Doolittle, Master of Education; Gidget Jarrett, B.S. in Elementary Education; Gregory L. Kelley, B.S. in Business Administration; Chad Timothy Parker, M.S. in Management; Charles Lee Paxton, B.A. in Music; Pamela J. Ramey, B.A. in Psychology; Camilo Andrés Rodriguez Murillo, B.S. in Internet Computing; Ben Saunders, B.S. in Elementary Education; and Tyler Elizabeth Spelina, B.A. in Psychology.

    Lou Ann Brown, B.S. in Management; Cathedra Marvetta Cross, B.S. in Management; Tamara Renee Eberhart, B.S. in Management; Vivian Addriennea Gibson, B.S. in Management; Calvin Reginald Greene, Jr., M.S. in Management; Harriet K. McDaniel, A.S. in Business; Harvey Jerad Nelson, M.S. in Management; Heather Elizabeth Prox, B.S. in Business Administration; Virgil E. Pryor, M.S. in Management; Charlene W. Reese, M.S. in Management; and Robert S. Reese, M.S. in Management.

    Judith A. Ferguson, Master of Education; Walter H. Floyd III, B.S. in Business Administration; Soukhanh Khack Patana, B.A. in Business Administration; Natalie Ingrid Roebuck, B.S. in Recreation; Rupal Ramesh Shah, B.A. in Chemistry and B.S. in Biology; and Teresa Lynn Gilley Suggs, Master of Education.

    Dona J. Ligon, B.S. in Business Administration.

    Gregory Ryan Westmoreland, B.S. in Physical Education.

    Sha'Nelle Narjis Barnes-Wells, A.S. in Business; Cassandra Bowman-Chestnut, B.S. in Business Administration; Dawn Maria Cartwright, M.S. in Management; Ricki Lyell Cox, Master of Business Administration; Darnel H. Croswell, Master of Business Administration; Media Theirse Davis, B.S. in Business Administration; Stace Banks Day, Master of Business Administration; Mary Beth English, A.S. in Business; Doris E. Frederick, Master of Business Administration; Leslie DiMario Glenn, A.S. in Business; Juliet D. Hollin, A.S. in Business; Terri Isham, B.S. in Business Administration; Frank Edward Kiraly, Jr., B.S. in Business Administration; Glenda Richardson-McDaniels, B.S. in Business Administration; Marvette L. Meggett, Master of Business Administration; Latasha M. Nelson, B.S. in Business Administration; Robert Ortiz, B.S. in Business Administration; Angela Michele Parks, B.S. in Business Administration; George Alan Rekers, Master of Business Administration; Rahsaan Danté Richardson, A.S. in Business; Vanessa Gale Wilson-Riley, A.S. in Business; Alejandro Rose, B.S. in Business Administration; and William Thomas Tidwell, Master of Business Administration.

    Wanda D. Gambrell, B.S. in Elementary Education.

    David James Williams, M.S. in Management.

    Lillian J. Brown, B.S. in Business Administration; Gregory Michael Fish, Master of Education; Cristy Lynn Flowers, Master of Education; Joyce Drake Hansel, M.S. in Management; Heather Medlin Hennessee, Master of Education; Mary Anderson Howell, Master of Education; John Russell Knox, B.S. in Internet Computing; Sherri Browning Lee, Master of Education; June Cagle Mahaffey, Master of Education; Tamela Wendy T. McClellan, Master of Education; Brenda Diane Milton, B.S. in Elementary Education; Carey Elizabeth Morford, B.S. in Religion; Christine P. Turner, M.S. in Management; Debra Kay Williams, Master of Education; and Sandra Wimphrie, B.S. in Elementary Education.

    Tyré S. Jackson, A.S. in Business; and Cinta M. Kelzenberg, Master of Business Administration.

    Sandra Elaine Mood, A.S. in Business.

    Lusungu Ngoni Sibande, B.S. in Elementary Education.

    Fountain Inn
    Michael Horton Hamilton, Jr., M.S. in Management.

    Hermenia Vanessa Perkins-Brown, B.S. in Business Administration.

    Rebecca Joanne Cash, B.S. in Business Administration; Belinda A. McFarland, A.S. in Business; and Natasha Lea Vining Williams, B.S. in Business Administration.

    Goose Creek
    Bryan Arthur Moten, M.S. in Management.

    Bobby R. James, Sr., A.S. in Business.

    Gray Court
    Bobby Wayne Shirley, Sr., M.S. in Management.

    Alan Bryan Cole, A.S. in Business; Barbara Elaine Freeland, A.S. in Business; LeRonda A. Garlington, B.S. in Business Administration; Jimmy L. Gogins, B.S. in Business Administration; Mary Kathleen Hawkins, Master of Education; Rebecca Burress Irwin, Master of Education; Rebekah Suzanne McCarty, Master of Education; Sheila Farthing Motes, B.S. in Elementary Education; Dana J. Raines, B.S. in Business Administration; Claire E. Teamer, A.S. in Business; Lisa L. Welborn, B.S. in Business Administration; and Vickie Leonard Willis, A.S. in Business.

    A. Keith Butler, M.S. in Management; Dondrae P. Elmore, M.S. in Management; Michael K. Gaskin, M.S. in Management; Deborah Hoffman, M.S. in Management; Rickey J. Judy, M.S. in Management; Taiese Holland-Kidd, M.S. in Management; Shirley W. Kinard, B.S. in Business Administration; Natalie M. Payne, B.S. in Elementary Education; Alberto E. Quadreny, M.S. in Management; and Rebecca Dorn Sudduth, M.S. in Management.

    Michael E. Brown, Jr., M.S. in Management; William Heyward Burr, B.S. in Business Administration; Jana Lynne Burras, A.S. in Business; Audrey C. Goode, A.S. in Business; Ann Allyon Hudson, B.S. in Business Administration; Richard Keith Marsh, B.S. in Business Administration; Susan D. Ratenski, A.S. in Business; Lydia H. Waddell, Master of Education; Jeanne Powell White, Master of Education; and Diane W. Youngblood, M.S. in Management.

    Katharine L. Siddall, A.S. in Business.

    Twana Denice Bailey, A.S. in Business.

    Jessica E. Stones, B.S. in Elementary Education.

    William Lee Balentine, Sr., M.S. in Management.

    Holly Hill
    Crystal S. Rogers, M.S. in Management.

    Honea Path
    Karen Ashley, Master of Education; Heather Davis Fallaw, Master of Education; and Katherine A. Hoffman, M.S. in Management .

    Glenda M. Smith-Halter, M.S. in Management; Sonja D. McCausland, Master of Business Administration; Veronica L. Pinkett, M.S. in Management; Betty Ann Armbruster-Swindler, B.S. in Business Administration; and Vickie Marie Threatt, A.S. in Business.

    Stephen R. Phillips, A.S. in Business; Bryan Patrick Stepp, B.S. in Elementary Education; Mildred Denise Allen, A.S. in Business; James E. Connor, B.S. in Business Administration; Sharon Kellam Miller, B.S. in Business Administration; Gloria Butler Montgomery, B.S. in Business Administration; Angela Murray Robinson, M.S. in Management; Allen Williams, Jr., B.S. in Business Administration; and Audrey Wilson-Alston, B.S. in Business Administration.

    Johns Island
    Patricia Gayneil Mazyck-Grant, A.S. in Business; and Avaney F. Scott, A.S. in Business.

    Richard Anthony Campbell, A.S. in Business; and David S. Thomas, B.S. in Management.

    Leslie M. Curtis, B.S. in Business Administration; Deborah Marie Massengill, M.S. in Management; Tyshia Pendermon Phelps, B.S. in Business Administration; and Debbie LaSonia Shumpert, B.S. in Business Administration.

    Wesley Morris Thompson, B.S. in Accounting.

    Mark Tinsley Begley, A.S. in Business; Paul Ray Curlee, B.S. in Business Administration; Timothy Robert Elrod, B.S. in Business Administration; Carla M. Insley, M.S. in Management; Ruth Anne Potts, B.S. in English Education; Loretta A. Shacklett, M.S. in Management; Wendy Jo Tucker, B.S. in Business Administration; and Kathy J. Whisenhunt, A.S. in Business.

    Erin R. Anthony, B.S. in Business Administration; Heather Lindsay Bigham, B.S. in Elementary Education; Richard L. Clark, A.S. in Business; Virginia A. Roper, B.S. in Recreation; and Carrie Adare Swift, B.A. in Music.

    James Luke Long, B.S. in Business Administration; and Elaine Marie Maddalena, M.S. in Management.

    Cynthia Barnette Kelly, B.S. in Business Administration; and Benjamin Jason Smith, B.S. in Business Administration.

    Sabrina LaShunn Jones, B.S. in Elementary Education; and Daniel McKelvey, Sr., B.S. in Business Administration.

    Kelly Elizabeth Edmonds, B.A. in Biology.

    Moncks Corner
    Catherine Dyanna Ersland, B.S. in Management; and Eunice J. Stanton, A.S. in Business.

    Wendy I. Pratt-Noel, A.S. in Business.

    Ninety Six
    Jason Chad Ulmer, M.S. in Management; and Frances K. Wiley, M.S. in Management.

    Marci D. Roach, B.A. in Psychology.

    North Augusta
    Kelly Maness, B.S. in Management; and Scott McCheyne Fortson, B.S. in Management.

    North Charleston
    Angela Marie Bevins, B.S. in Management; Clarissa Denise Patterson, B.S. in Management; Carl Alexander Calvert, M.S. in Management; and Johnny C. Knight, Sr., A.S. in Business.

    Debra Ann McCabe, B.S. in Business Administration.

    Randall M. Cooper, Master of Business Administration.

    Debra Chandler Karam, A.S. in Business; Dara Monique Sanders, B.S. in Business Administration; and Sheryal L. Sanders, B.S. in Business Administration.

    Wister Daniel Rogers, Master of Education; and Janet Jones Thompson, M.S. in Management.

    Misty Abercrombie Cassell, B.S. in Business Administration; Terri C. Fowler, B.A. in Psychology; Deborah Ann Kelley, B.A. in Religion; and Shirley P. Partain, B.S. in Business Administration Master of Education.

    Angela Keeler, B.S. in Business Administration.

    Jeffrey L. Tisdale, A.S. in Business.

    Annette R. Bowman, M.S. in Management.

    Amy T. Murphy, B.S. in Elementary Education.

    Amanda Marie Branch, B.S. in Elementary Education; Philip Joel Culbertson, B.S. in Business Administration; Stacy Lee Davidson, B.A. in Music; Brandi Graham, A.S. in Business; Billie S. Hughes, B.S. in Business Administration; Anthony Odell Mize, B.S. in Business Administration; Carl LaVante Ross, Master of Education; Patricia Ann Smith, B.S. in Business Administration; and Ray Worley, A.S. in Business.

    Steven Robert Archer, M.S. in Management; Nancy A. Bachman, B.S. in Business Administration; Evelyn Deloris Barksdale, B.S. in Business Administration; Angela D. Barmore, B.S. in Business Administration; Lisa McCombs Brigman, Master of Education; Kyle Steedley Candler, B.S. in Business Administration; Derrick Mandel Copeland, B.S. in Business Administration; Denine W. Knapp, A.S. in Business; Sammy David Rice III, B.S. in Business Administration; Bonnie Tunnell, B.S. in Business Administration; and Taiwana E. Whitehead, A.S. in Business.

    Six Mile
    Jennifer Melissa Bagwell, B.A. in English; Susan Cantrell Bagwell, M.S. in Management; Angela Mauldin Winchester, B.S. in Business Administration; and Kimberly Mulligan Young, Master of Education.

    Barry Lee Bastin, B.S. in Business Administration; and Linda C. Jones, B.S. in Business Administration.

    Deborah Sue Thomas, B.S. in Business Administration.

    St. Matthews
    Mandy Johnson Baltzegar, M.S. in Management.

    Jennifer Smith Christenbury, Master of Education.

    William L. Amos, M.S. in Management; Romonia Lavine Brown, B.S. in Management; S. Mark Campbell, M.S. in Management; Timothy N. Harrison, B.S. in Management; Robert Miles Huff, M.S. in Management; Stephen E. Klim II, M.S. in Management; Sheila S. Moody, B.S. in Management; Timothy S. Ross, B.S. in Management; Michael David Sharpe, A.S. in Business; Ronald J. Underwood, M.S. in Management; John E. White, B.S. in Management; and Karen Denise Wood, A.S. in Business.

    Ronald Blaine Bower, Master of Business Administration.

    Donna Blackstock-Darnell, B.S. in Special Education; Linda W. Downs, A.S. in Business; and Noralee Hart Robert, Master of Education.

    Travelers Rest
    Randall Stephen Corn, B.S. in Business Administration; and Jeffrey Thomas Zader, B.S. in Business Administration.

    Wesley Brian Lindner, B.S. in Business Administration.

    James Brown, A.S. in Business.

    Kirk Walker, B.S. in Physical Education.

    Ware Shoals
    Sheila Wells Calvert, Master of Education; and Sybil B. Lindley, Master of Education.

    Renee T. Lewis, M.S. in Management.

    West Columbia
    Lynia Watts Ard, B.S. in Business Administration; Debbie Muller Walker, Master of Business Administration; Elizabeth Riddle Bell, B.S. in Business Administration; Mona Denise Berry, B.S. in Business Administration; Jan W. Fletcher, B.S. in Business Administration; Ernest Brunson Harrell, B.S. in Business Administration; Christopher J. Lavenia, B.S. in Business Administration; and William Zachery Riley, A.S. in Business.

    West Union
    Brian Keith Hopkins, B.S. in Business Administration.

    Jessica Diane Blackwell, B.S. in English Education; Leslie Finley Blackwell, Master of Education; Mary Cunningham, B.A. in Psychology; Jon Guenthner , B.S. in Business Administration; Jennifer James, A.S. in Business; and Dawn M. Moehlenkamp, B.S. in Business Administration.

    Susan Baker Conner, Master of Education; Tammy K. Davis, B.S. in Elementary Education; Farrah Wallace Elrod, Master of Education; and DeAnna F. Morris, Master of Education.

    Kim D. Rentz, A.S. in Business.

    Joey Lenn Craig, B.S. in Business Administration.

    Younges Island
    Denva G. Simpson, B.S. in Management.

    In North Carolina:

    Roland T. Hamner IV, B.S. in Religion.

    Matthew Ralph Cozart Strader, B.A. in Business Administration.

    Jessica Lynn LaRue, B.S. in Elementary Education.

    Andrew Monroe Cauble, B.S. in Accounting.

    Brian Charles, B.S. in Religion.

    Kristen Amber Biggerstaff, B.S. in Elementary Education; and Patrick Stephen Dagenhart, B.S. in Religion.

    Kings Mountain
    Wesley D. Clark, B.S. in Religion.

    Jennifer Renée Weisenburg, B.S. in Special Education.

    Pisgah Forest
    Nathan Lowell Bryson, B.A. in Music and B.S. in Internet Computing; and Susan Leah Denton, B.S. in Elementary Education.

    Amanda Sue Baker, B.S. in Religion.

    Andrea Denise Hill, B.A. in Biology.

    In Georgia:

    Jori Woodworth, B.A. in Psychology.

    Rodrick Johnson, M.S. in Management; and Louise L. Smith, B.S. in Management.

    Jonathan D. Ward, B.S. in Religion.

    Osmond L. Brinson, Sr., B.S. in Management; and Eddie T. Neal, B.S. in Management.

    Jacquelyn Marcella Smith, B.S. in Management.

    Dana LeCharmaine Grier, B.S. in Management.

    Antoinette Crump Hart, A.S. in Business.

    Laura Michelle Tegen Dowden, B.A. in English.

    In Florida:

    Jessica Joyce Bittner, B.A. in Music.

    Land O’Lakes
    Jason Daniel Parrish, B.S. in Internet Computing.

    Plant City
    Joshua S. Kiper, B.S. in Accounting.

    Winter Haven
    Amber Renee James, B.A. in Music.

    In Virginia:

    Jamar Rashad Eubanks, B.S. in Sports Management.

    Jeanette Marie Walters, B.S. in English Education.

    In Alabama:

    Marye Bethani Ford, B.S. in Recreation.

    In Missouri:

    Benjamin Martin, B.S. in English Education; and Justin L. Petersen, B.S. in Elementary Education.

    In Pennsylvania:

    Sandy Lake
    Elizabeth Irvine, B.A. in Biology.

    State College
    Jami Lyn Ruble, B.A. in Psychology.

    In Canada:

    Fredericton, New Brunswick
    Kyle Peter Woodworth, B.S. in Chemistry.