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SWU Students Create Pocket-size Computer

SWU Students Create Pocket-size Computer

    04.19.07 | Awards and recognitions Computer Science

    SWU students Lance Ingle, left, and Sam Stack, right, and Dr. Paul Jordan, professor of computer science, applied for a South Carolina Independent Colleges and University research grant. The group received the grant and took part in subsequent research for most of 2006.


    The ultimate convenience in today’s information age is the ability to carry personal data from place to place in a single, compact data source.

    In an attempt to make this a reality, two Southern Wesleyan University students, under the guidance of a computer science professor, spent a year researching options. Lance Ingle of Piedmont and Sam Stack of Kernersville, N.C., worked with Dr. Paul Jordan, professor of computer science. Both students are majoring in applied computer science.

    The students compiled a computer operating system for a thumb drive, complete with user data and usable applications. In March, the group presented findings from their research project. Their goal was to easily transport an operating system, data files and applications from one computer to another.

    The group received a research grant from South Carolina Independent Colleges and Universities. Their project is called the Simplified Linux Automated Desktop project, or SLAD.

    "As one moves from business computer systems, to labs, to home; files and settings are different and can create complications for users,” Jordan said. A solution to the challenge is to compact the information, settings, an operating system and programs all onto a single, portable thumb drive that runs independently of the installed desktop operating system, he said.

    “The project uses a flavor of Linux operating system along with a Windows front end to bring the users personal data and applications to a single thumb drive,” said Dr. Paul Jordan, professor of computer science. “After a year of research, the goals were accomplished and the final product has more to offer than originally intended.”

    Through the SLAD Project, the group took convenience to a different level.

    “Personal data and applications were compacted into a single, affordable device,” Jordan said. “The complexity of the Linux operating system and the simplicity of the SLAD front-end allow the automated desktop to bring a convenient experience to each of its users.

    “This was good for Southern Wesleyan University and for the computer science department. Sam and Lance represented SWU and most of all, Jesus Christ, well,” Jordan said.