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Logos and Marks

University Wordmark

The Southern Wesleyan University wordmark melds the words “Southern Wesleyan” and “University” with a specific font treatment, creating a recognizable wordmark. The university wordmark is a visual representation of Southern Wesleyan University and is an essential component of our brand. The official university wordmark must appear on all official university communications. University entities may use the university wordmark alone or with their unit identifier (see below).

Please contact   for official SWU wordmark files. The Office of Marketing and Communications will work with your office to address specific needs, questions regarding logo placement, and approvals of usage in a timely fashion.

When using the SWU wordmark, always use an approved logo file. Never try to recreate the logo yourself. If you need to re-size the logo, always constrain proportions by locking the aspect ratio, so the height and width are scaled together.

To ensure consistency and brand recognition use the university wordmark as shown below.

Primary Usage

SWU wordmark

The primary version of the wordmark is one-color University Blue (Pantone 288).

Secondary Usage

SWU wordmark in black

The wordmark may be printed in black when a grayscale version is necessary.

SWU wordmark in white

The wordmark may be reversed to white over a color background or photo, provided there is enough contrast and the wordmark can be easily read.

Incorrect Usage

The wordmark may not be modified in any way. Below are a few examples of incorrect variations of the wordmark to avoid.

The wordmark should not be stretched in any way

The wordmark should not be stretched in any way.

All old versions of our wordmark should not be used

All old versions of our wordmark should not be used.

Alternate colors are not permitted

Alternate colors are not permitted.

Size and Spacing

To maintain full legibility and prominence of the wordmark, follow these size and spacing guidelines.


Never reproduce the wordmark smaller than 1 inch in width, for both print and screens. There is no maximum size limit, but use discretion when sizing the wordmark. It should rarely be the most dominant element on the page, but the wordmark instead should live comfortably and clearly as an identifying mark.


Spacing example

Clear space must be maintained around the wordmark. Use the letter "S" from "SOUTHERN" as a relative measuring tool to help maintain clear space around the logo. This should be the minimum space provided around the wordmark.

Wordmark with Unit Identifier

The wordmark with unit identifier may be used by Southern Wesleyan University offices and academic schools or departments. Unit identifiers must be approved and created by the Office of Marketing and Communications to maintain consistency. Treat the unit identifier as artwork, not typography.

Correct Usage

Unit Identifiers Stacked

To maintain full legibility the unit identifier should never be reproduced smaller than 0.375 inches in height.

Incorrect Usage

Unit identifier incorrect usage

The unit identifier may not be modified in any way. Single-use alternatives can be created by the Office of Marketing if necessary for unusual formats.

Do not create alternative layouts. Do not recreate with alternate fonts or colors.

University Seal

The university seal is an academic emblem that reflects Southern Wesleyan University’s history, its vision as an academic community, and the values driving the institution. The University seal should not be used interchangeably with the wordmark and is restricted to the uses listed below. The seal should not be altered in any way.

The seal may be printed in full color, one color, grayscale, or black. It is used only with the permission of the Office of the President or the Office of Marketing and Communications.


Use of the university seal is restricted to the following:
  • Communication for the Office of the President, the Board of Trustees, and executive officers of the university for special communication and events
  • Formal academic documents including diplomas, transcripts, certificates, and contracts
  • Other official documents or historical university materials as approved by the Office of the President

University seals

Warrior Athletics Brand

The Warrior Athletics brand was developed as a cornerstone for SWU Warrior Athletics. This is not the primary visual brand (logos, wordmarks, and typeface) of the university. However, the Warrior brand is allowed to be used for certain applications by all university offices. The Office of Athletics and Office of Marketing have the authority to monitor the use of the Warrior brand to ensure its integrity.

Warrior Athletic Brand Guide (PDF)

SWU Warrior Logo