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Campus Security

The SWU Security personnel report to the Director of Campus Safety. Security personnel have authority to enforce all campus regulations and are required to report all violations. Additionally, Security personnel have the authority to arrest but will refer all situations in which crimes are alleged to the Central Police Department. Security officers are required to report immediately any violations of local, state or federal laws to the Central Police Department as well as the Student Life office. Southern Wesleyan University is committed to cooperate with law enforcement personnel in the investigation of alleged criminal activities. Security personnel are required to file a nightly report to the office of Student Life. Security personnel should be given the same respect due any university employee or law enforcement officer.

Campus Safety Reports

Security and Access to Campus Facilities

Southern Wesleyan University affords an open campus where students, faculty and staff are free to move about at will. As an open campus, guests are welcome. Campus facilities are for the use of SWU students, faculty and staff. Visitors may reserve the use of facilities through the appropriate office.

Because we have an open campus, we ask all students, faculty and staff members to report any strange or suspicious activities to security personnel, the student life office, residence hall staff or, if necessary, to the local police department.

Campus Lock-up Procedure

Security personnel secure and lock all buildings at various times when buildings are not in use or at curfew and lock-up times established by the Academic V.P. & Dean's office, Student Life office and Maintenance. After buildings are secured for the night, security personnel conduct routine door checks of all campus facilities, including residence halls. Regular patrols are made around and in buildings and around campus during the night.

Off-Campus Security

Southern Wesleyan University does not sponsor off-campus housing and does not recognize off-campus student organizations. If you need assistance off-campus, please contact Central Police Department at 864-639-4020.