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SC Technical College System Transfer and SC Independent Colleges and Universities

Statewide transfer agreements facilitate the transfer of academic credits among institutions of higher education.  Southern Wesleyan University is an Academic Partner with the South Carolina Technical College System as part of the Partnership Agreement with SC Technical College System .  As a member in this partnership, Southern Wesleyan University:

  • facilitates the development of detailed articulation guides for transferable programs, collaborates with SC technical colleges with reverse transfer efforts, and cooperates with SC technical colleges to improve academic advising for transfer students;
  • recognizes the Statewide Articulation Agreement of 86 Transferable Courses and will guarantee transfer of these courses in which the student earns a minimum grade of C-.
  • guarantees junior class standing for SC technical college Associate of Arts and Associate of Science graduates with a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA.
  • The Transfer Course Guide displays the type of transfer credit awarded by SWU for each transferable course.  If a course does not appear, the student may submit a written request to the Office of Academic Records to have the course content reviewed for possible transferability.