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Counseling and Health Services


Counseling and medical services are by appointment only. Please contact our office administrative assistant, Christine Collins at  or call 864-644-5131 for an appointment.


Southern Wesleyan University supports the growth and wholeness of its students. The Counseling & Health Office engages in this aspect of Campus Life through encouraging students toward emotional and physical wellness. Full-time enrolled residential and commuter students are eligible to request these free and confidential services while school is in session.

Prioritize your wellness by going to the SWU Wellness page and trying out the WayForward app. https://www.swu.edu/wellness/.


The Counseling & Health Center is located on the top floor of Jennings Campus Life Center – near the elevator and Game Room.

Counseling Center Services

Southern Wesleyan University provides professional mental health counseling to students upon request. This typically involves individual sessions, although group sessions and workshops may be available on an as needed basis. An individual requiring long-term or intensive specialized counseling may be referred to an outside resource to best meet his/her needs. For free, 24/7 crisis support in the United States, text "HOME" to 741741.

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Health Center Services

  • Perform blood pressure and visual screenings
  • Weight screenings and assistance with weight management
  • Pregnancy counseling for both planned and unplanned pregnancies
  • Referrals for STD testing and counseling
  • Educational Services include: self-care handouts and brochures, monthly e-newsletters for employees and students, presentations for classes on health and wellness topics, and health center bulletin board
  • Wellness Week each fall semester
  • Flu Vaccination Clinic each year
  • Blood Drive each semester

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