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Personal Budgeting

There are lots of helpful tips out there about how to budget, so many that it can be overwhelming and intimidating to start! The simplest way to budget is to think of all of the expenses that you encounter daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. By tracking your expenses and budgeting you are able to plan for the bumps in the road life throws you, as well as retirement! It’s never too early to plan for retirement. Remember—“slow and steady wins the race.”

Most of you have heard of Dave Ramsey, American businessman and author. He makes a profound statement that “your money is not in control, when it’s not in control.” Sound basic? Sure! Listen to Dave’s reasoning for why you need a written budget and how it’s a blessing.

Helpful ways to budget

Download Personal Monthly Budget Excel File

Tracking your spending and managing your budget has never been easier using budgeting tools like EveryDollar or Mint.

Hint: It’s super easy to link your bank account and the app tracks spending in the proper category to tell you how you’re doing.

Take advantage of student discounts

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