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COVID-19 Updates

As of March 29, 2020 at 3:30 p.m.

  • There are no confirmed cases at SWU and 11 confirmed cases in Pickens County.
  • There are 774 confirmed cases per in SC, (29 in Anderson County, 71 in Greenville). 
  • There are 3,587 negative tests.
  • For the latest up to date information in SC check the SC DHEC website:


We continue to monitor the spread of the virus and it is becoming likely that the governor will not be lifting the ban on group meetings in time for us to resume face-to-face classes.   With six weeks left of the semester, we are not ready to make a final call on that until we get more data this coming week, but for now, just know we may not be allowed to meet face to face to complete the semester, so start making plans to that extent. 

If you are a residence hall student and need to return to campus to collect your personal items, a plan to do that is being developed by Student Life. Direct information will be sent to resident students soon. 

We all value our sense of community at SWU; however, we must keep the health and well-being of the SWU family at the forefront. Campus is operating with as many employees working from home as possible.  All services students need are available via technology. 

We will continue to closely monitor this rapidly changing situation.

Existing SWU Online classes continue to operate normally without any interruption. 

All athletic events have been cancelled by the NCAA. 

Southern Wesleyan University has maintained an updated Infectious Disease Response Plan for many years. The purpose of the Infectious Disease Response Plan is to assist Southern Wesleyan in preparing for and responding to a possible infectious disease outbreak. This plan will assist the University in continuing to provide services to our students, faculty, and staff to prevent the spread of disease on campus during an outbreak. The University will also work with local and state agencies to ensure the best  possible response for the health and safety of the campus, as well as the local and state populations. 

The plan is divided into three levels of response preparedness. Key departments on campus will have a separate protocol for each level to maximize an effective response to the infectious disease outbreak. Communication and cooperation with all members of the campus community are paramount to the success of this plan. The response levels for key departments are as follows:

Level 1                         

No local disease transmission reports. Business as usual; regular services continue. (Campus prepares behind the scenes for a possible infectious disease response.)

Level 2                         

Increased awareness and prevention – presence of minimal number of cases.

Level 3                           

Significant disease transmission.

Southern Wesleyan University is currently at a Level 2 in response to the coronavirus, COVID-19. 

The spread of COVID-19 is a rapidly evolving situation and information will be updated as it becomes available.  How to get additional reliable information: