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Digital Scoreboard Advertisement


The digital scoreboard’s primary purpose is for use at track & field meets and soccer games for displaying scores, keeping game time, and other game stats.

When the digital scoreboard is not in use for games, team practices, or other events at the complex, the digital scoreboard is to be used to display prominent messaging/branding opportunities for Southern Wesleyan University, Warrior athletics, and advertising specific public events.


For non-scoreboard purposes, the digital signage at the complex should be utilized to build brand equity, promote upcoming public events, and welcome large groups of campus visitors.

Brand Equity

Brand equity, or consumer perception, can be built through consistent brand messaging, brand awareness and brand recall through repetition. For our local community driving by our campus on Highway 93, this digital board is an opportunity to provide quick brand repetition, which builds brand awareness and recall. This is accomplished through brand messaging, logos, and connecting our brand with other brands with large brand equity/recall (e.g., NCAA logo).

Promoting Public Events

This digital signage is one method of advertising to our local community about upcoming campus events. This promotional opportunity can only be utilized for events that meet a certain criteria:

  1. The event must be open to the general public.
  2. The event must be of a special or important nature. We can’t advertise every event on campus in the rotation, but must decide which ones are of most importance and interest to the local community.
  3. The event details must be understood in very few words. The board’s size and location (being far away from the road) make it difficult for a passing driver to read very much. The event details provided should be quickly understood within only 5-7 words.

Welcoming Campus Visitors

When large groups of guests are visiting our campus, we can put up a “welcome” sign on the scoreboard for the morning/day of their arrival. Events such as Preview Days, summer camps, Science Fair, and Grandparents Day are great opportunities for this added touch of hospitality.

Scoreboard Advertising Submission

To submit a request for advertising an event or welcome message on the scoreboard, please fill out the form below or email Allie Urbina at with all the details.

Requests must be submitted at least one week ahead of scheduled rotation. Please note that it is possible some requests could be shortened or removed depending on submission volume.

Digital Scoreboard Advertisement Submission

( )   -

Tell us the details about your advertisement (what it is, where, when).

What message do you want on the board? Because of the size and location, please limit to 5-7 words.

What dates would you prefer the image to be in the digital board rotation?