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The faith-filled community at SWU is comprised of students, faculty and staff who are passionate about learning and growing, both inside and outside of the classroom.

Marketplace Multipliers


At SWU, our graduates go into the world and share the gospel with others in word and deed, making an eternal impact in their workplaces through relationships with coworkers.

Marketplace multipliers equips all christians to integrate their faith and influence their workplace, by making disciples and unleashing the kingdom of God wherever they are.



Sandra Morgan

Class of 1976 — Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education
Alumni Association President-Elect

Sandra spent the past 20 years intentionally and enthusiastically showing Christ to those in the workplace through her actions, her choice of words, responses in difficult situations, as well as in the ways she spends time on and off the job. As a member of the Alumni Board, Sandra seeks to create awareness and connections for Southern Wesleyan and encourage financial support for SWU. Sandra recently published a cookbook, which funds the Morgan International Scholarship, This scholarship is given to an international student each year.

"My hope is to encourage the reader through the international student stories, the huge variety of recipes, and the inspirational scripture found throughout the pages of the cookbook."

Sandra - marketplace multiplier, making disciples at work and through her cookbook.



Priscilla Hammond

Class of 2006 — Master of Ministry
SWU Associate Professor

Holding an BBA and MBA, Priscilla worked in human resource management and marketing for nine years before God called her to ministry. SWU’s religion courses helped her to understand ministry in ways that were immediately applicable and led to her ordination in The Wesleyan Church. Combining her education and experience in business and ministry have positioned her to help pastors understand leadership and help management students understand how they can apply their faith in the workplace. After getting her PhD in Organizational Leadership, she now coaches pastors and teaches in both the Benson School of Business and the Division of Religion, helping bring both sides together to glorify God in the church and the marketplace.

“SWU professors modeled incorporating faith into life. It was easy for me to learn how activate my faith, and then to help others see how to integrate their faith with their studies and lives.”

Priscilla - marketplace multiplier, making disciples in and out of the classroom.



C. Pete Benson

Honorary Doctorate 2021
Owner of Beacon Capital Management, LLC
SWU Board of Trustees Member

From the “Beacon Values” strategically placed on the back wall of Pete’s main office, stating the #1 Value of our company is “Christ Centered,” he makes it clear who he is and what he stands for. This speaks volumes to the 33 staff members….and the 1000s of client families who come in the doors. In Pete’s office, they also take prayer very seriously with both clients and staff.

“Every Friday morning, we begin the day in a staff meeting which essentially begins with praises and prayer requests. Here our staff (some Christians, some still seekers) readily speak out personal and family prayer requests to the group, and then we have group prayer. The leaders of our company lead the way and then any others who want to join in and lead the prayer may do so.”

Throughout the week, Pete sends emails to staff members to check up on the needs that were shared. Also, a guest is brought in monthly (local Pastor, or other Christian leader) to lead a devotional along with that prayer time on Friday, and then they stay to chat with, pray with, or give Godly advice to staff who reach out for help. Pete also prays for and looks for opportunities to share one on one, face to face, at breakfast meetings, or through texts or phone calls with staff and clients to be the light and salt Jesus asked His followers to be. Through the years, he has been blessed to see several staff members and families be led to Christ, be baptized, and become involved and engaged in their churches.

Pete - marketplace multiplier, making disciples through his business.



Joy Bryant

Class of 1992, 2004 — Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Masters of Science in Management
Medical Services of America

Daily, Joy is walking patients and their families through the progression of terminal illness as a bereavement coordinator. She is serving on average 17 families, where she is allowed the beautiful opportunity to address spiritual needs with those facing death. When a hospice patient passes, she walks through the grief process with the family for an additional year. Rev. Joy is currently working with an additional 50 families who have had a death in last year. In addition to serving the families of hospice patients, Joy hosts grief support groups, including two groups per week at ALIVE Wesleyan Church.

“I developed an easy-to-follow facilitators’ training and have taught more than 30 individuals the tools to launch their own group. To date, there are 7 groups that are available across the upstate with leaders who have taken the training to make a difference for those experiencing grief.”

A highlight of Joy’s week is being allowed to host bible study in the MSA office for staff during their lunch. Recently, local assisted living facilities ask for a similar ministry, and she added a monthly Bible study for seniors living at Residence at Park Place in Seneca SC.

Joy - marketplace multiplier, caring for those who have lost loved ones.



Allyssa Elliott

Rising Senior - Class of 2023
Youth and Children’s Ministry with a minor in Recreation and Sport Management

Allyssa is spending the summer in North Carolina as a camp activities director, leading a group of young people. Allyssa is intentional about sharing Christ by holding weekly Bible studies with her team. She’s studying recreation and sport management along with youth and children’s ministry so that she can be equipped to lead well.

"SWU has helped me become the person and leader I am by giving me opportunities to lead around campus. I’m currently a Hall Chaplin and next year I’ll be an RA. I loved being around people and talking with them. I’m intentional about making sure the ones around me know that I care for them and that they are heard here on campus."

While at camp, working with young people and sharing the word of God, she is planting the seed in many so they can learn more about Christ.

Allyssa - marketplace multiplier, making disciples at summer camp.



Darren Potter

Class of 1995 — Bachelor of Arts in Religion - Concentration in Christian Ministries Founder, Shield Chaplaincy

Darren began Shield Chaplaincy, Inc., a non-profit law enforcement chaplaincy, after serving as an ordained pastor for 23 years. He answered the call to help shepherd about 500 officers and their families.

“Through ride-alongs, praying at their pre-shift briefings (line-ups), seminars (marriage, resiliency, parenting, etc.), retreats, leading devotions, and counseling, I am able to show officers the love of Jesus in practical ways.”

While a student at SWU, Rev. Potter had opportunities to lead, which gave him hands-on, practical experience. Of course, he mentions how he greatly benefitted from time in the classroom. Dr. Don Wood, Dr. Bob Black, Dr. Ken Foutz, and especially Dr. Brad Fipps helped prepare and shape him for all his years of ministry, first in the church, and now in the law enforcement community.

Darren - marketplace multiplier, making disciples with law enforcement officers and their families.



Deborah Rhodes

Class of 2004 — Bachelor of Science in Biblical Studies

Deborah is an ordained pastor in the Wesleyan Church. She and her husband co-lead a church plant in Greenville, SC. Her full-time job is as an administrative assistant at SWU. Although Deborah spends the majority of her time on campus working in an office, she also gets to disciple and mentor students and leads an accountability group for the Division of Religion. These opportunities allow her to invest in others and point them toward Jesus through building relationships. Deborah believes that showing Christ to others happens every moment of everyday. She tries to be a reflection of Jesus whether she’s at the store, in the car (which is really hard some days!), or interacting with a co-worker or someone online.

“One of the best things that SWU taught me was the importance and value of living in community with Jesus as the center. Christ-centered community has been so vital to my own growth and spiritual maturity. I’m so grateful and excited to get to be a part of that at SWU again and invest in the next generation of students here and in my community.”

Deborah - marketplace multiplier, at work, church, and even in the car!



Haley Quarandillo

Rising Senior - Class of 2023
Youth and Children’s Ministry with a minor in Psychology
Global Partners NEXT Summer Missionary

Haley is able to show Christ to others by building relationships with people at SWU and the community around SWU. She is excited about being able to show others Christ by going on a trip with Global Partners through the NEXT program this summer.

“I am able to build friendships with people around me and to trust Christ to flow through me and use me and my circumstances to reach others. When I changed my major to Religion, I had to do an internship at a church. Through my practicum at Pickens View Wesleyan Church, I was able to grow and trust more people around me and further my calling to ministry.”

Haley is doing things she never thought she would, including student leading and helping at youth group. She is also a counselor and photographer at camp. Haley hopes to make an impact on the people she meets by being their friend and building stable, long-lasting relationships. Her prayer is that God can use her in any way He needs to during her time overseas and wherever God leads her in the future.

Haley - marketplace multiplier in church and with missions