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Management Certificate

Motivate and Strategically Lead Teams to Higher Goals

Program Benefits

  • Acquire essential managerial skills to improve the structure and results of your organization
  • Prepare for higher-level executive positions, adding to your experience in management to become a high-capacity strategic administrator and leader
  • Learn all relevant areas of management how to apply them within a classroom setting and in your own organization

Topics Covered

  • Key areas in financial management, marketing, human resource management, applied economics and accounting
  • Leading ethically in your culture
  • Application of the four areas of Management: organizing and staffing, planning, controlling, and leading

Who Should Enroll

This professional development certificate is ideal for:

  • Entrepreneurs who wish to take their organization to the next level
  • Managers desiring to make a larger impact on their organization’s effectiveness
  • Leaders of nonprofit organizations, non-governmental organizations (NGO), and church leaders in need of managerial and leadership expertise
  • Executives in changing industries and organizations dealing with mergers, acquisitions, culture shifts, or pressure to evolve based on results

Apply Now

Online Program Start Dates

Monday, February 3, 2020
Monday, May 4, 2020
Monday, August 24, 2020

Not Ready to Register?

Questions or concerns? We're here for you every step of the way. Submit an inquiry and our SWU team will be in touch soon. We promise not to share your information.


Courses for Management Certificate

MGMT 5143 - Executive Economics

An overview of economic theory necessary for establishing, revising, and interpreting business policy. Emphasis on the identification and interpretation of macro-economic and micro-economic phenomena necessary for sound management decision making.

IBMT 5013 - Culture and Ethics in International Business

This course analyzes the wide diversity of cultural nuances encountered in international business dealings, including the customs, traditions, business etiquette and protocol, as well as the attitudes and practices of major religions. The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) will also be examined. Emphasis will be placed on Christian ethics and an evaluation of the business ethics encountered in key countries having trade agreements with the United States.

MGMT 5033 - Operations Management

Long, medium and short-range operations planning in both service and manufacturing organizations. Key topics: productivity and quality measures, production function, product design, plant location and layout, forecasting and scheduling, purchasing and materials management, inventory management, and operations strategy.

MGMT 5363 - International Management

The management and operation of transnational organizations and the situations unique to those operations. Adapting managerial policies and practices to diverse international cultural environments.


At a Glance

Noncredit Professional Development Certificates

Southern Wesleyan University professional development courses are noncredit and will lead to a certificate of recognition once all courses within the professional development track are completed with a grade of Pass (equivalent to a grade of C or higher on a standard grading scale) for each course.

Students who complete the required courses for the professional development certificate with a grade of Pass (equivalent to a grade of C or higher) for each course will be awarded a certificate of recognition and a certified letter of completion. Academic transcripts are not available for students who are seeking the professional development certificate. Certificate-seeking students who fail to complete the requirements for the certificate will receive neither the certificate of recognition nor a letter of completion.

Earn College Credit for the Courses

Students enrolled in a professional development certificate may choose, if qualified, to change from certificate-seeking status to degree-seeking status at the end of their first successful semester or upon successful completion of the graduate professional development certificate. Students enrolled in a graduate certificate program who choose to pursue a graduate degree must meet all requirements for graduate admission, regardless of grades earned in professional development certificate courses, and they must submit a graduate admission application. Students who apply for admission in a degree program must submit all transcripts from previously enrolled institutions.

Earned grades of C or higher in the graduate professional development certificate may be articulated into an appropriate Southern Wesleyan graduate degree program for a transcription fee for students who are fully admitted into a graduate program. The transcription fee is 50% of the current graduate business tuition rate per credit hour. However, the School of Business graduate school policy allows for no more than two grades below B- for students to remain in good academic standing, including grades earned in professional development certificate courses.

Degree-seeking students who successfully complete the certificate courses (required concentration courses for the degree) will receive a certificate of recognition and will receive a diploma after satisfactory completion of the entire degree. Degree-seeking students may request an academic transcript that will indicate completion of the appropriate degree and concentration. Degree-seeking students who fail to complete the requirements for the degree but who successfully complete all of the certificate courses (required concentration courses for the degree) may request a certificate of recognition. Additionally, degree-seeking students may request an academic transcript that will indicate completed coursework; however, the transcript will not indicate completion of the certificate.


To be eligible to enroll in graduate-level professional development courses (noncredit certificate courses) at SWU, students must have earned a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution. Because certificate courses may be articulated for graduate degree credit at SWU, certificate students are required to meet the same rigorous academic standards and outcomes as the degree-seeking students.

Certificate Program Fee

The cost for professional development courses includes access to:

  • Course content and instruction
  • Online learning management system
  • Online SWU Library resources
  • SWU email account (while actively taking courses)
  • Microsoft Office 365 (while actively taking courses)


Payment will be required for one term (two courses) at a time. Course registration will not be complete until payment is made.

Credit/debit cards are the preferred form of payment. Visa, MasterCard, and American Express are accepted. Please call 864-644-5520 to make a payment over the phone.

Students who desire to receive college credit and enroll into the degree program will also need to pay the college transcribing fee (50% of the current graduate business tuition rate per credit hour).

Financial Assistance

Financial Aid is not available for SWU professional development courses.

Withdrawal and Refund Policy

To withdraw, please contact your Academic Success Coach.

If submission of appropriate withdrawal paperwork is received prior to the course start date, the student is eligible for a full-tuition credit for that course.

If submission of appropriate withdrawal paperwork is received after the course start date but before the start of the second week, 90% of tuition (whether or not the student ever attended) will be credited.

Books and Materials

Books and other educational resources can be obtained through our online bookstore.

Academic Resources and Support

Certificate and degree-seeking online students have access to equivalent academic resources and support.

Program Cancellation or Changes

Southern Wesleyan University reserves the right to make changes to the information printed in materials or on its website. Programs may be added or cancelled throughout the year. If a program is cancelled, Southern Wesleyan University will refund the program tuition in full.