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Class Representatives

Cohort-based portions of the adult evening program utilize class representatives who are selected to help facilitate communication between the cohort and university administration. Class representatives may either volunteer or be appointed. Class representatives who are appointed must be willing to serve in this capacity. A class representative should be selected for each cohort during the first course of the cohort along with an alternate who will assume the duties if the class representative is out of class for a period of time.

The major function of the class representative is to serve as a liaison between the class and the Southern Wesleyan University staff, faculty, and administration. The class representative may act as a spokesperson for the class when addressing the faculty, staff, or administration. This linking role should also be carried out in distributing information, both verbal and written, from faculty, staff, and/or administration to the class.

Because clear communication makes everyone's life easier, the class representatives help ensure everyone stays informed. Typical responsibilities of the class representative include the following:

  1. Coordinate the use of telephone and/or email for informing class members of important information (e.g., inclement weather, faculty member illness, etc.).
  2. Serve as a spokesperson for the class in order to maintain a constructive dialogue with Southern Wesleyan University.
  3. Assist in the distribution and collection of various surveys, announcements, and materials such as the end-of-course surveys.
  4. Assist faculty members when beginning a new course (e.g., contact the faculty member prior to the first class meeting with questions or clarification about the first assignment and relay the information to the class).
  5. Help coordinate the distribution of program course materials (such as books) by contacting the site assistant regarding problems with delivery of materials.  Ensure that students who are absent are contacted regarding the materials delivered so the students can arrange to pick up their books.
  6. Attend and participate in periodic class representative meetings conducted by AGS Student Services.
  7. Help ensure that the classroom and break area are left in satisfactory condition at the end of each class.
  8. Facilitate the organizing of social events as appropriate.