Christian college students interact in Blue Hill Coffee, a student-run enterprise at SWU.

The faith-filled community at SWU is comprised of students, faculty and staff who are passionate about learning and growing, both inside and outside of the classroom.

Alumni of SWU are invited to give back to this Christian college community to further the mission of Christ.


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Tuition and Costs - Online Programs

Going back to college is a big decision—you’re looking for the right environment, the right degree, the right location. And then there’s the cost to consider. At Southern Wesleyan University, we recognize that concern. When you apply for financial aid at Southern Wesleyan, we’ll develop an aid package that meets your particular needs. With little or no upfront expense for many students, your college education is more affordable than you think.

For some interesting data on the value of a college education, read this article by Pew Research, The Rising Cost of Not Going to College.

2018-2020 Academic Years Tuition and Fees

No tuition increase for the 2019-2020 academic year.

(July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2020)

Application Fee (non-refundable) $25
Tuition Deposit (refundable upon request) 50
Tuition - Undergraduate (per credit hour) 430
Tuition - Graduate - MBA,MSML (per credit hour) 565
Tuition - Graduate - M.Ed. (per credit hour) 430
Tuition - Graduate Education Electives (per credit hour) 430
M.Ed. Internship (6 credit hour course plus offset for each 4 credit hour practicum) 3,870
Tuition - Doctorate of Education (per credit hour) 595
Tuition - Noncredit professional development course (per course) 848
Directed Study Fee (per credit hour) 2018-19 100
Directed Study Fee (per credit hour) 2019-20 300
Ed.D. Practicum Fee 100
Ed.D. Dissertation Fee 100
Finance Charge — 2-pay, 3-pay, 4-pay $20, $40, $60
Graduation Fee 125
Nursing Resource Fee 50
School of Business Resource Fee 50
Deferred Billing Service Charge 20
Tuition Late Fee 25

Transient students pay the same credit hour rate as degree-seeking students for online courses.

If an online student takes an on-campus course, additional course fees may apply. Please refer to the On-Campus Tuition & Fees for details.

Books and Supplies

Most courses have required textbooks. Textbook prices vary per course and program. SWU offers a competitively-priced online bookstore that includes multiple textbook options, such as buying, renting, or e-books.

Refund Policies

Online Programs

The following refund policies pertain to all online programs:

  1. Application fees are not refundable. Tuition deposits are refundable upon request, if student does not enroll.
  2. If submission of appropriate withdrawal paperwork is received prior to the course start date, the student is eligible for a full-tuition credit for that course.
  3. If submission of appropriate withdrawal paperwork is received after the course start date but before the start of the second week, 90% of tuition (whether or not the student ever attended) will be credited.
  4. There is no refund of fees after the start of the course.
  5. No refund is given after the start of the second week except on appeal. Appeals may be granted only in rare situations involving death in the immediate family, work transfer, military obligations, or serious personal or family illness.

Online students must contact their Academic Success Coach prior to initiating a withdrawal from the university. No financial adjustments will be made if the student fails to withdraw properly, and a grade of F will be assigned for each course not successfully completed.

A permanent withdrawal during an academic award period may reduce or eliminate financial aid or VA assistance and/or eligibility and require that all or part of the assistance received be refunded to the lender.