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South Carolina Region 1 Science Fair


Serving South Carolina Region 1: Anderson, Abbeville, Laurens, Greenville, Greenwood, Oconee & Pickens Counties
Click below for information regarding the upcoming SC Region 1 Science Fair on March 20, 2020.

Science Fair 2020


2019 Regional Science Fair Award Winners

3rd & 4th Grade Chemistry Division

1st Place - Zoe Alper/Blakely Branyon/Caroline Rushing, Clemson Elementary School

2nd Place - Sai Vallabh Gurram, Merrywood Elementary School

3rd Place - Ali Collins, Ware Shoals Primary School

Elementary Behavioral & Social Science Division

1st Place - Madison Owens, Northside Elementary School

2nd Place - Brayden McGrew, Ware Shoals Primary School

3rd Place - Carson Pelfrey, Ware Shoals Primary School

Elementary Biological Sciences Division

1st Place - Keslyn Sanford, Keowee Elementary School

2nd Place - Sriman Tikkala, Green Charter School

3rd Place - Ethan Carroll, Clemson Elementary School

Elementary Physics Division

1st Place - J.P. Dolfis, Northside Elementary School

2nd Place - Champ Ransom, Keowee Elementary School

3rd Place - Tyler Johnson, Northside Elementary School

5th Grade Chemistry Division

1st Place - Abbey Crenshaw/Emily Pipes, Northside Elementary School

2nd Place - Grant Duvall/Noah Odom, Northside Elementary School

3rd Place - Cohen Carver, Keowee Elementary School

Team Elementary Physics Division

1st Place - Thomas Evatt/Bracken Nations, Northside Elementary School

2nd Place - Elijah Blakley/Nathan Reeves/David Singapogu, Cornerstone Academy

3rd Place - Adam Clark/Cooper Hallo/Cade McKibben, Clemson Elementary School

Middle School Behavioral & Social Science

1st Place - Margaret Schmitt, Schmitt Academy

2nd Place - Ava Smith*, Smith Academy-Homeschool

3rdPlace - Jaden Tapper, R.C. Edwards Middle School

6th & 7th Grade Biology & Health Division

1st Place - Dani Prince*, Deerfield Academy

2nd Place - Sarah Campbell Smith*, Smith Homeschool

3rd Place - Kylie Willis, Mount Lebanon Elementary School

Middle School Chemistry Division

1st Place - Ellisen Berry, Berry Academy

2nd Place - Rachel Vervaet*, Classical Conversations Downtown Greenville

3rd Place - Bryce (BJ) Covington, Jr., River Birch Academy

Middle School Physics Division

1st Place - Caleb McCall, Classical Conversations of Greenwood

2nd Place - Malachi Major*, Major Classical Academy

3rd Place - Ian Williams, Williams Homeschool

8th Grade Biology & Health Division

1st Place - Jasmine King*, R.C. Edwards Middle School

2nd Place - Olivia Ballinger/Taylor Hardin, Laurens Middle School

3rd Place - Rishita Tikkala, Sterling School

Team Middle School Physics Division

1st Place - Alexia Johnson/Karlie Krueger/Natalie Maddox, Sanders Middle School

2nd Place - Keyara Jackson/James Blake Quarles, Sanders Middle School

3rd Place - Dawn Clark/Briana Galliher/Izaiah Williams, Sanders Middle School

*Indicates nomination to Broadcom MASTERS National Middle School Science Fair

High School Division

1st Place - Zoe Willis, Scrutinizing Sunscreen: How do different sunscreen active ingredients affect Daphnia magna?  Pendleton High School

2nd Place - Shwetha Rajmohan, Shrimp Shells in the Acidified Ocean,  J.L. Mann High School

3rd Place - Evan Prince, A study and analysis on the feasibility of using oxygen to kill water-borne bacteria.   Deerfield Academy

Junior Water Award (WEASC) – Daniel Eden & Seth Watson, Watson Academy

Senior Water Award (WEASC) – Evan Prince, Deerfield Academy

Lemelson Early Inventory Prize – Dani Prince, Deerfield Academy

Stockhom Junior Water Drop nominee – Zoe Willis, Pendleton High School