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Assistant Resident Director


The Assistant Resident Director (ARD) residency is a two-year paid position within the Student Life and Residence Life Departments at Southern Wesleyan University (SWU). The purpose of the ARD residency is to offer young leaders the experience of being an active, hands-on staff member within Student Life and Residence Life at SWU. The experience will be shaped through living on campus, serving within leadership roles, learning/functioning within a healthy team model and being challenged through a curriculum based leadership model. ARD’s who complete this residency will ultimately be better prepared to transition into a full-time position in higher education or other various ministry roles.

This position is structured with intentional focus and challenge in the following four areas:

  1. Discipleship training
  2. Professional/Occupational development
  3. Leadership theory
  4. Personal growth

In Residence Life at Southern Wesleyan University, we exist to facilitate a safe, educational, community atmosphere that is conducive to creating fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ – loving God, loving people and teaching others to do the same.

As an active staff member within Student Life and Residence Life, the ARD is someone who serves as a promoter and protector of the learning community that exists in the residence halls and on campus at SWU. This is a very relationally-focused position. There are four individual ARD staff members at SWU who live and work in the residence halls or on-campus apartments and assist directly with each area Resident Director and the Director of Residence Life on a daily basis. While the weekly hours of all Residence Life employees are accountable to a measurable standard it is also expected that ARD’s understand and are enthusiastically willing to work flexibly at various times of the day and evening, understanding that students are our work, including some weekends. ARD’s work from a 29 hour per week expectation. The remaining available hours each week are expected to be invested in a graduate degree program (at SWU or elsewhere) or a part-time job. Specific responsibilities will be assigned by the Director of Residence Life in conjunction with the Resident Directors based on the residential area of focus on campus to which the ARD is assigned as well as the individual gifting of the ARD. These specific responsibilities may include but are not limited to:

  1. Assistance with student activities within the residence hall setting.
  2. Oversight of Hall Chaplains.
  3. Assistance with on-duty hours for RA’s.
  4. Serve on the rotating schedule of on-call within residence life.
  5. Oversight of residence hall stores.
  6. Administrative and office assistance (including weekly office hours).
  7. Assistance with Blue Hill Coffee Shop.
  8. One on one discipleship opportunities with students.
  9. Assistance with athletic teams.
  10. Leadership with Bible studies or discipleship groups.
  11. Leadership and support of RA meetings.
  12. Assistance with student discipline and reconciliation meetings.
  13. Planning and execution of Residence Life training and retreat trips.


  1. Works closely under the direction of the Director of Residence Life and the area Resident Directors in support of the University mission and strategic goals.
  2. Committed to serving as a team player within the Student Life Department and the larger SWU community.
  3. Commitment to be accountable to the structure of intentionality within Residence Life that includes a measurable plan for the following four areas: Growth in personal relationship with God, identification of two or three specific people on campus to intentionally mentor/disciple, creation of at least four strategic goals by which to live and being accountable to a schedule that is conducive to sustainable success
  4. Commitment to uphold and advocate for SWU’s redemptive discipline policies.
  5. Maintain daily and weekly contact with the area Resident Directors and RA’s.
  6. Serve as a liaison between the common interests of Residence Life and Health Services, Physical Plant, Food Services, Campus Safety, Spiritual Life, Academics, and the Business Office.
  7. Works closely with the RA staff including mentoring and support.
  8. Commitment to be present at all weekly, bi-weekly and sporadic Student Life and Residence Life meetings as directed (including a weekly one-on-one meeting with the area Resident Director and/or Director of Residence Life).
  9. Commitment to be teachable, willing and committed to integrity.


  1. A bachelor’s degree is required.
  2. Experience in Residence Life (either as a Resident Assistant or similar involvement).

The preceding statements are intended to describe the general nature of work associated with this residency. They are not intended to be interpreted as an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties, and skills required.


  1. Mission and Lifestyle Expectations. SWU is a Christian liberal arts institution in the Wesleyan-Holiness theological tradition. In light of SWU’s unapologetically Christ-centered mission, all employees are expected to embrace the university’s Statement of Faith, commit to the mission of the University, respect the beliefs of the Wesleyan Church, adhere to its lifestyle expectations, and demonstrate a mature relationship with Jesus Christ.
  2. Physical/Environmental Requirements. Visual acuity necessary to do editorial work, proof documents, and manage files. Requires ability to sit for periods of time in an interior office environment. May require infrequent lifting of objects up to 10 pounds, and occasionally items up to 50 pounds. Requires limited travel and evening and weekend hours are to be expected.
  3. Pre-employment Screening. Employment is contingent on the completion of a criminal background screening and credit check.


  1. $5,000.00 stipend (paid in equal payments over 10 months)


  1. On-campus housing provided including all utility costs (required)
  2. Full meal plan when the campus dining commons is open which includes money for the on-campus coffee shop and snack shop (required)
  3. 50% discount for one of SWU's online master's degree programs or 15% discount for one of Messiah College's online master's degree programs (optional)*

* - For Messiah students, applicants must be admitted into the Graduate Program in Higher Education (online) through Messiah College prior to being hired at Southern Wesleyan University.


Interested applicants must send a completed staff application with a cover letter and résumé by email to or by mail to:

Jason Tegen
Southern Wesleyan University
907 Wesleyan Drive
P.O. Box 1020
Central, SC 29630