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Statement on Human Life


Southern Wesleyan University (SWU) holds that all human life is sacred and is God’s greatest blessing and, therefore, must be respected and protected from its conception to its completion. The taking of a human life through any means (including but not limited to abortion, homicide or suicide) is considered abhorrent and contrary to the University’s missional core and that of The Wesleyan Church.3 We, therefore, prohibit all members of the SWU community from promoting or participating in any act of, or related to, aborting a child whether such a child is pre-birth or post-birth. In addition to surgical abortions, Southern Wesleyan University considers the use of abortifacients and chemically induced abortions as the commission of an act wrongfully terminating human life. The University therefore reserves the right to discharge any member of the faculty or staff and dismiss any student from the community for violating this basic understanding of human life.

SWU understands that in cases where a pregnancy may put at risk the very life of a mother, triage decisions must be made within the private context of the woman, her doctor, her pastor and her family.