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Honors Program Overview

Program Overview

In order to successfully graduate from the Honors Program, a student must complete 12 credit hours of honors courses in addition to a special project with courses guiding the project process.

Guidelines for Honors Credit Courses (Required minimum 12 credit hours)
-Minimum of six credit hours from the Core Curriculum (if fewer than six credit hours remain in the Core when the student joins the Honors Program, then the student may submit a request to appeal to complete additional hours in his/her major to reach the total of twelve honors credit hours).
-Minimum of six credit hours from the student’s major.
-To earn honors credit for a course, a student can enroll and complete a section of a course with the honors designation OR a student can submit a request to designate the course as honors to the Honors Oversight Committee. As a part of this form, the instructor of the course must also agree to provide additional guidance with the student without any monetary renumeration. For suggestions and guidelines regarding the criteria for adjusting the course curriculum to facilitate the elevated learning associated with an honors course, instructors should contact a member of the Honors Oversight Committee.

Additional Honors Courses to Guide Project:
Students in the Honors Program will also take the following courses in order to guide them through the project process in addition to the twelve credit hours outlined in the previous section. With the course number is an explanation of the purpose and timing of the course.

HNRS 2011 Introduction to the Honors

During this course, students will formalize the specialized project and submit a final proposal by the end of the course. The course will begin with the guidance of a member of the Honors Oversight Committee but will lead towards students meeting with their project advisors in order to begin the relationship between the student and the sponsoring faculty member. This course can be taken after acceptance to the program but should be taken at least two semesters prior to the final presentation of the project.

HNRS 4993 Honors Research

This course will be an independent study overseen by the faculty member who is the advisor for the project. Students will engage in the scholarly activity required to complete the project (ie research, experiment, travel, interviews, work, etc). This is to be completed no later than the semester before the student will graduate.

HNRS 4001 Honors Senior Seminar

During the last semester in the program, students will create a final paper and presentation to present the results of their project. These results are also presented to the university at large at the end of the semester. This course will be overseen by the faculty advisor for the project in conjunction with a member of the Honors Oversight Committee. This course is taken during the final semester the student is enrolled before graduation.