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MBA Academic Leveling Courses

For MBA candidates whose undergraduate degree is in a field other than business or have not met prerequisite courses for the program.

An academic leveling course (ALC) is a course that provides a summary or overview of all the core subjects associated with a program of study. The ALC provides a comprehensive review of all the foundational material associated with the degree program. As a program prerequisite, the ALC ensures that students are leveled to the program of study as they start the degree program.

For Southern Wesleyan University MBA programs, the ALC will be completed by students holding a bachelor's degree in a non-business field.


Taking the Exams

A helpful Peregrine Academic Leveling Course FAQ Guide can be found by visiting the website link below. Students are encouraged to review the FAQ sheet prior to beginning the Academic Leveling Course. http://peregrineacademics.freshdesk.com/support/solutions

To begin the registration process, please follow the on-screen instructions found at the following URL: https://micro.peregrineacademics.com/swu 

Your password is:  SWU-1001-ALC

The registration process should take no more than 5 minutes to complete. Upon completion of your registration you will receive a confirmation email with your exam/course link for taking the exam, at the email address you provide to us.

If you have any problems with the registration process, please visit their technical support page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I taking these academic leveling course exams?

The purpose of the academic leveling course is to help develop your foundational business knowledge so you will be more successful with your degree program. These modules will assist in measuring your knowledge development.

Who needs to take the ALC exams?

Students applying to the MBA programs who hold a bachelor's degree in a non-business field or lack prerequisite courses for the program will take the ALC exams.

What if my degree is in a non-business field, but I do not want to take the ALC exams? Are there any alternatives?

Yes. Students who do not wish to take the ALC exams may instead complete nine credits of preparatory course work in addition to the required MBA curriculum (Microeconomics, Accounting, and Statistics). Students are encouraged to contact their admissions coordinators to ensure courses will meet the requirements.

When do I take the academic leveling course exams?

Students must complete the ALC exams within 90 days from the start of their first academic term at SWU. Students will be allowed to take up to six credits prior to completing the ALC exams. Students will not be allowed to register for the next academic term if the exam scores are not sent to the Office of Admissions within 90 days from starting courses at SWU.

What do I need to score on the post-test?

Students will need to score an 80% or greater on the post-test.

How do I know what academic leveling course exams I need to complete?

Your admission coordinator will notify you what courses are required after your application file (including all official college transcripts) has been reviewed.

How should I prepare for the academic leveling course exams?

Each course includes a pre-test, 4-6 hours of instructional material organized into 4-8 sections, and a post-test. You do not need to prepare for the pre-tests, because the pre-tests are meant to show you your baseline knowledge level and to help you focus your subsequent learning for weaker areas. Your preparation for the post-tests is by completing the individual modules.

What is the cost of the academic leveling course exams?

The academic leveling course exams cost $35.00 each (up to four leveling courses may be required depending on your undergraduate course work.)

  • Foundations of Accounting - $35.00
  • Foundations of Microeconomics - $35.00
  • Foundations of Macroeconomics - $35.00
  • Foundations of Quantitative Research Techniques and Statistics - $35.00
What topics are covered on the ALC exams?

The ALC exams cover 3 subject areas:

  • Quantitative Methods and Statistics
  • Accounting
  • Economics
How long will I need to complete a course?

It depends on your previous knowledge levels. Each course has been designed to be completed in 1-2 weeks.

What do I need to access the academic leveling course exams?

You will need a computer with Internet access. No other plug-ins are required.

How do I register for the academic leveling course exams?

Students obtain their exam key by self-registration.

  1. Go to www.peregrineacademics.com
  2. Select Business Administration Link
  3. Select Purchase
  4. Select Academic Leveling Courses
  5. Select the Academic Leveling Course(s) required

What if my post-test scores are low? Does that mean I will not be admitted?

Not necessarily. The Admissions Committee makes its determination based on a composite of factors and is aware that exam scores alone may not reflect an applicant's true potential.

What if I score well on the pre-test? Do I still need to take the post-test?

Those who score 90 or above on any module pre-test can bypass the study module and post-test for that subject and present the pre-test score for admission in lieu of the post-test score.

How do I print or save my completion certificate?

After completing the exam, you will be asked to view and save your certificate. The exam completion certificate will also be automatically emailed to you at the end of the exam. You will need to email a copy of your certificate to your Admissions Coordinator.

How long to I have to complete the Academic Leveling Courses?

Each module is open for one year. However, note that your exam scores must be received by Graduate Admissions before you will be allowed to register for your third course in the MBA program.