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Social Science Faculty

Division of Social Sciences

Profile image of Dr. Steven Hayduk

Dr. Steven Hayduk - Chair of the Division of Social Sciences, Professor of Psychology, and Coordinator of Studies in Psychology

Location: Folger Fine Arts Ctr. 106Phone: 864-644-5296
Profile image of James McDonald

James McDonald - Associate Professor of Criminal Justice and Forensic Science

Location: Folger Fine Arts Ctr. 206Phone: 864-644-5293
Profile image of Dr. Mildred Williams

Dr. Mildred Williams - Associate Professor of Psychology and Program Coordinator for BS in Human Services

Location: Folger Fine Arts Ctr. 102 DPhone: 864-644-5297
Profile image of Dr. Joe Crosby

Dr. Joe Crosby - Assistant Professor of Recreation and Sport Management

Location: Folger 214Phone: 864-644-5292

Dr. Bruce Gay - Professor of Criminal Justice

Location: Folger Fine Arts Ctr. 201Phone: 864-644-5294
Profile image of Dr. Gunsung Lee

Dr. Gunsung Lee - Assistant Professor of Psychology

Location: Folger Fine Arts Ctr. 106 BPhone: 864-644-5298

Derek Forrester - Assistant Professor of Recreation & Sport Management

Location: Folger Fine Arts Center 216Phone: 864.644.5191

Dr. Charles Hackney - Associate Professor of Psychology

Phone: 864.644.5295