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Dual Enrollment & Gateway to Learning

What is Gateway to Learning at SWU?

Whether you are a high school student (dual enrollment), a student at another college (transient), a pastor, or any non-degree seeking individual looking for personal or professional enrichment, Southern Wesleyan University offers the opportunity for you to earn college credits through online or on-campus courses.

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Become a Gateway student! Select the term below you would like to apply for.

Spring 2020 (January)

Please select which type of student you will be in January 2020 to fill out your appropriate application.

Gateway Dual Enrollment - A current high school junior or senior taking a SWU course for $100 per credit hour

Gateway Dual Enrollment

Gateway Transient - A student currently enrolled at another college taking a SWU course transferrable back to that institution

Gateway Transient

Gateway Other - Non-degree seeking individuals, senior citizens looking for academic enrichment, or individuals looking to take or audit a course for personal/professional development

Gateway Other

Select a student type below for more information.

High School Students

High School Dual Enrollment

High school and homeschool juniors and seniors may take online and on-campus courses through SWU on a space available basis.

Program Benefits

  • Complete up to 18 semester hours of college credit during your junior and senior year of high school.
  • Graduate high school with accredited college credit that will transfer to most universities or colleges.
  • Reduce the cost of college tuition.
  • Enrich your high school years by taking college-level courses.
  • Earn dual credit if approved by your high school or home school.
  • Get a head start on college.
  • Classes are offered at convenient times to work with your high school schedule.

Costs and Fees

Tuition for Dual Enrollment: $100 per credit hour
Technology Fee: $15 per credit hour

Get Started Today

  1. Complete an online application for "Gateway Dual Enrollment."
  2. Have your guidance counselor complete the Gateway permission form and submit it to the SWU Admissions Office with your application.
  3. Choose the class(es) you are interested in by contacting Assistant Director of Admissions Melissa Vess at 864-644-5560 or and you will receive instructions on further steps for enrollment.

Courses Usually Offered Each Semester Online:

On-campus courses offered upon availability and class space. If there is a particular course you are interested in taking but do not see it listed below, contact Melissa Vess at   or 864-644-5575.

ASTH 2053 Music/Art Appreciation

An introduction to creativity through art and music. Listening to, viewing of, writing about, and interacting with creative experience introduces the student to art of the Western and non-Western world. Required for graduation. The requirement may also be met by two consecutive semesters of music-ensemble participation, requiring registration for one hour in the fall semester and two in the spring (both contingent on acceptance by audition). More details may be obtained from the music faculty.

BIBL 1013 Old Testament Survey

The history, poetry, and prophecy of the Old Testament, studied with the purpose of helping the student obtain a chronological view of the importance of persons, places, and events and a greater appreciation for the unity of the old covenant

BIBL 1023 New Testament Survey

An introduction to the background of the New Testament and to an overall perspective of the New Testament books so that the student will be better able to relate subsequent study of the individual books of the New Testament to the total tenor of Scripture.

BIOL 1104 Biology

An introduction for non-majors emphasizing philosophy of science, cell biology, genetics, diversity of organisms, ecology, and evolution. Includes laboratory.

CPSC 1103 Intro to Computers

Introduction to the history, vocabulary, and use of computer information systems. Includes word processing, spreadsheets, and presentation applications using the integrated package, Microsoft Office.

ENGL 1003 Fresh Comp I

Emphasis on composition requiring a command of the language with respect to grammar and usage, unified paragraphs, and well-organized, persuasive essays. Effective reading and research reporting are also stressed. Some attention is given to skills needed for effective oral and written communication. Satisfactory performance on writing portfolio required to receive credit for course.

ENGL 1013 Fresh Comp II

Emphasis on refining and sharpening composition skills acquired in ENGL 1003. Introduction to literary analysis of short story, drama, film, and poetry. Oral presentations and research paper required. Prerequisites: ENGL 1003 or ENGL 1053.

ENGL 2103 Speech Communication

The fundamentals of speech, with emphasis on components of communication, critical thinking, and formal and informal presentations.

HIST 1063 Survey of Western Civilization

An overview of the development of human civilizations from the ancient world to the present, with attention given to social and cultural, as well as political and military history.

MATH 1024 Algebra and Trig

Functions, equations, inequalities, exponentials, logarithms, identities, circular functions, and other topics.

MATH 1053 Quantitative Reasoning

Quantitative Reasoning is a critical skill that is necessary not only in many different disciplines but also in daily life. This course is about using math in practical situations that are experienced daily. Examples include balancing a checkbook, calculating accrued interest, and understanding what a false positive for an MRI test implies. The mathematical concepts covered in the course include arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and statistics.

PSYC 2003 Introduction to Psychology

A general survey of the science of human behavior, designed to acquaint the student with principles of human development, learning, behavior, and with the experimental methods of psychology. PSYC 200L is a required corequisite for PSYC 2003 for Psychology majors.

RELG 2403 Basic Christian Beliefs

An introduction to the basics of the Christian faith, focusing on the biblical and doctrinal truths common to all denominations. (Prerequisite: BIBL 1003, BIBL 1013, or BIBL 1023)

Students At Another College

Transient Students

Earn college credits that are transferable to your own college degree program.

Costs and Fees

Tuition for Online Course: $430 per credit hour
Tuition for On-Campus Course: $997 per credit hour

Get Started Today

  1. Fill out an online application for "Transient Students."
  2. ContactAssistant Director of Admissions Melissa Vess at 864-644-5560 or  and you will receive instructions on further steps for enrollment.
Other Non-Degree-Seeking Students

Other Gateway Students

Non-degree seeking individuals, such as pastors looking to take a Latin or Hebrew course, senior citizens looking for academic enrichment, or individuals that are looking to take or audit a course for personal or professional development.

Costs and Fees

Tuition for Online Course: $430 per credit hour
Tuition for On-Campus Course: $997 per credit hour
Tuition for Senior Citizens (65 and older): $100 per credit hour

Get Started Today

  1. Fill out an online application for "Gateway Other."
  2. Contact Assistant Director of Admissions Melissa Vess at 864-644-5560 or  and you will receive instructions on further steps for enrollment.