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Southern Wesleyan University is making it possible for you to print from anywhere on campus with your own personal computer or mobile device. By partnering with PaperCut, an online organization with millions of users in more than 100 countries, SWU is now able to give you better accessibility to printing and also the ability to track your printing and your “environmental impact.” 

You can learn more about PaperCut by watching the two-minute tutorial at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vs6ws3n3fp0 and then logging into MySWU to access your account.

You can add credit to your account in increments of $2 (20 B&W prints), $5 (50 B&W prints), $10 (100 B&W prints), $20 (200 B&W prints) and $50 (500 B&W prints) using a credit card or PayPal. Note that color prints are $0.20 per page instead of $0.10 per page.

You can also log in directly to your account at https://print.swu.edu:9192/user. PaperCut accounts have been created for all faculty, staff, and students (with the exception of online students).

These are the printers available for web printing on campus:

  • CE lab printer (Newby Education and Newton-Hobson) (Color not available)
  • Library multi-function color printer/scanner/copier on main level

Here are some helpful suggestions from our IT Department as we transition to PaperCut:

  • Log off each time you leave your computer.
  • Learn to print to file and use document uploading to CANVAS for submitting course work.
  • Familiarize yourself with the print preview button to confirm that formatting is correct.
  • Remind instructors that you pay for every print.

As we continue our pursuit of better access to quality technologies and better stewardship of God’s resources, please let the IT Department know if you need help or have questions.


  • If I print on both sides of the paper, am I only charged once?

There is no discount for duplex printing. The software allows for a reduced price for printing on both sides but the only savings is paper. Toner and maintenance cost are per page printed so I decided not to reduce for duplex printing at this time.

  • How much does it cost to scan something to my email?

Students are not charged for scanning to email. You are required to login to use the scanning feature and the scans are tracked but no charges should be incurred.

  • When I print something, there's a lot of stuff at the bottom of the page. What is that?

A watermark is included at the bottom of every printed page by our students or anyone that prints using the web print function.  This information includes the name of the person logged in and the date and time printed.  This is necessary to determine who is responsible for the printed pages and cannot be removed.

  • How do I get a refund for something I accidentally printed?

In most cases, the name at the bottom of the page will be the person submitting the work. However, students do forget to log out in our labs and when using general use computers on campus. Not logging out will permit the next person to print using another person’s print quota.  We will not refund. It is up to the student to remember to log in and log out when using shared resources.

  • Can I share my print jobs with someone else?

It is also possible for a friend to share their print quota. In order for this to happen, a student will need to log in and permit the friend to submit a print job using their print quota. The student submitting the work to you will not have the correct name at the bottom of the page. 

  • Someone has used my print jobs. What can I do?

If students feel that their account is being used without permission it is important for them to immediately change their password. This will immediately solve the problem unless the person is already logged in and printing. We will not refund any amounts. It is up to the student to manage these resources.

  • How can I print from my laptop or phone?

First, login to your PaperCut account at https://print.swu.edu:9192/user.  Then, click on "Web Print". Submit a job, then choose a printer from the list. Click "Print Options and Account Selection", upload your document, click "Upload and Complete", and you're done!