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Network video producer feels well-prepared

Network video producer feels well-prepared

    01.16.20 | Alumni Academics: Humanities Inventive learning

    Southern Wesleyan University graduate Shaq Brown, pictured at TNT studios, produces video packages for the network’s NBA Digital app. He feels that his media communications training has been great preparation.

    Since Southern Wesleyan University graduate Shaq Brown recently began producing video packages for TNT’s NBA Digital app, he feels that his media communication training at Southern Wesleyan has been great preparation.

    “I’m watching the game and editing highlights. So, we’re in charge of content that’s on the NBA Digital app. Everything you see on the NBA app, I help publish it. I will edit the game highlights,” Brown said. “The day before Thanksgiving, we had 17 games and I edited like seven – maybe eight games. So we’re in charge of game time feeds, we’re in charge of player packages if a player scores more than 25 points or a triple double – we have to create a package for him. The best plays of each night we take those and put it in a package 1-2 minutes.”

    After graduating from Southern Wesleyan in 2017, Brown went on to graduate school, and is convinced that his Southern Wesleyan education put him ahead of his classmates there.

    “When I first got to graduate school, you’d be surprised how many students who don’t know how to use the software,” said Brown, commenting on how Dr. Lewis Knight, coordinator of Southern Wesleyan’s Media Communication program exposed students to Adobe Creative Suite early on and gave them freedom to be creative, while at the same time pushing them to succeed.

    During graduate school at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), Brown continued to hone his creative skills working on movie sets and projects that included a Hulu TV show, a Disney movie and even a commercial that aired during the Super Bowl.

    A transition from Savannah to Atlanta didn’t come without some struggles, but then came an amazing opportunity. In Atlanta Brown made connections through a mutual friend who worked at Turner Broadcasting, who invited him to tour the studios.

    “I got this gig honestly just remaining faithful to the Lord and praying, not giving up,” Brown said.

    Coming to SWU

    Brown thought that when he graduated from high school, he would probably attend a large university.

    That changed when he was recruited to run on Southern Wesleyan University’s new track and field team. Brown competed as an athlete and also considered preparing to become a teacher, but soon felt he wasn’t a great fit for the classroom.

    ”I wanted to leave the first year because I wanted more, but I stuck it out and great things just came from it,” Brown said. “I switched to Media Communication. Lewis told us how to get jobs, record, how to use Adobe Creative Cloud. When I first got to graduate school – you’d be surprised how many students who don’t know how to use the software – Lewis gave that to us early on.  

    Brown also benefited from Southern Wesleyan’s Career Services office, saying they helped him know how to prepare a resume and effectively interview for a job. He wants to pay it forward by returning to Southern Wesleyan to speak with students about what to expect when seeking a job in the mass communication field.

    For details about Media Communication degrees, contact Southern Wesleyan University at 877-644-5556 or visit www.swu.edu.

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