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You're Accepted, Now What?

You're Accepted, Now What?

You're Accepted, Now What?

by on October 16, 2023

1.Submit Your FAFSA
I know, filling out the FASFA seems long and dreadful, but getting a head start will remove the weight from your shoulders. If you get a head start on it now, there's more time for other important steps to becoming a college student. The FASFA is essential to ensure your financial aid, so make sure you get it completed and turned in as soon as possible!

2. Submit Your Housing and Tuition Deposit
The housing and tuition deposits are important to secure your spot on campus. Both of these deposits are one-time payments. The highest priority is given to students who deposit earliest, so hurry and complete your deposits! Commuters have a separate verification form they must complete.

3. Attend Future Warrior Day
Future Warrior Day is a great way to get a head start on your college journey by receiving your student ID, confirming your class schedule, discussing financial aid, meeting your professors, and making friends with other Future Warriors!

4. Submit Medical History
You must submit your medical history records with up-to-date immunization records and a copy of your medical insurance card. This process may take longer than you think and you may not have everything you need to submit your medical records, so start now!

5. Register Your Vehicle
This part is very important because you have to park somewhere! If your car is not registered you can receive a ticket. Commuter or resident, you need your car registered and a decal to prove it! Decals are $35 and will only be sent to SWU's post office after you have filled out the form.

6. Attend Warrior Welcome Weekend/Move In
Warrior Welcome Weekend is another great way to receive information about your time at SWU, complete the registry, and make friends. Unlike Future Warrior Day, this event is required.