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SWU Excursion

Some of the best times for your students are youth group excursions, hitting the road with some of their best friends for a fun and adventurous road trip. Southern Wesleyan University would like to invite you and your youth group to make SWU one of your destination points. Plug “215 Clayton Street, Central, SC” into your GPS and we will help you cover some of the expenses!

SWU Will Provide:

  • Up to $250 in gas
  • Up to three meals on campus per person
  • Housing on campus when available*
  • Campus tour
  • Admissions meetings
  • Visit class options when available**

* Office of Admissions will arrange housing on campus when available. Housing limited to 1 to 2 nights. Guests will need to bring their own linens for overnight stays.

** Office of Admissions will schedule visits to classes when available depending on academic schedule.

Visit Requirements

  • All scheduling must be arranged with the Office of Admissions
  • Minimum of three prospective students
  • Adult sponsor must accompany prospective students
  • Must participate in full campus visit experience and provide contact information
  • Encouraged to visit during the week as weekend visits are difficult to coordinate meetings on campus


  1. Schedule campus visit with Office of Admissions. Two week notice is required.
  2. Start your trip with a full tank of gas.
  3. Keep gas receipts on the way to campus.
  4. Turn in your receipts to the Office of Admissions when you arrive and SWU will double them up to $250.
  5. A check will be mailed within a few weeks of your campus visit.


  • Program is not available during weekend – unless special arrangements are made.
  • Not available during the summer as classes are not in session


To register your group, contact SWU’s Office of Admissions at  or 877-644-5556.