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Childs Hall Story Submission

If these walls could talk...

Childs Hall has seen a lot over the past 70 years. Many students have called Childs "home" for their college years. Can you imagine the stories those walls could tell if they could talk?

We'd like to hear those stories once again. Your funny stories, your serious stories, your unbelievable stories. Tell us some of the most memorable moments for you in Childs Hall. Stories of Childs Hall will be reviewed and a book will be written to assist in the renovation of Childs Hall.

There is no required donation to submit a story.  However, donations of $1500 or more will guarantee that a portion or all your story will make the book. All donations are appreciated.

Childs Hall Stories

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When did you stay in Childs?

Upload a photo you have from Childs Hall. If you have more than one, or if they are not in digital format, please contact Joy Bryant at jbryant@swu.edu or 864-644-5385.

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