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Week of Giving 2023


Welcome to Week of Giving 2023!

Renew or Join the 1906 Club and Celebrate Why We Give to SWU.

Double Your Impact with a $5,000 Matching Challenge on 4/26!

Week of Giving 2023 celebrates why we give to SWU. Why do you give?

Life: Many alumni and friends give because SWU was the place where their life changed—they met Christ, met their spouse, and found their life calling in class or in chapel.


Loyalty: Grounded in its Biblical mission, others give to express their deep loyalty to what SWU represents to our students, our community, and the role it plays in advancing Christ’s work in the world.

Love: Even more people give as an authentic expression of love for a special place and special people, reflecting the deep relationships formed over the years with faculty, staff, and students.

Legacy: As SWU’s generational impact ripples across the years, people continue to give in order to leave a legacy for future SWU students, sharing a blessing with future alumni whose lives will be formed and transformed by the SWU of tomorrow.



Join the 1906 Club


Check out our Week of Giving video with Alumni Director, Heath Mullikin and watch for a series of great interviews to learn how every gift to the 1906 Club and SWU’s general scholarship program makes a difference in the lives of students at SWU. Give now and help us meet our goal of $45,000 this week:



This year’s goal is to raise $45,000 for SWU student scholarships and on April 26, you can double your impact with our $5,000 matching challenge.

Watch our social media during Week of Giving or act now and give $19.06 a year, a month ($228.72), or a week ($991.12) and tell us to use to max out the matching challenge. It all counts!

Never made a gift to SWU student scholarships before? Give Now.

Love to make gifts to SWU all the time? Give Now.

Not a SWU alumnus and still love SWU? Give Now.

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