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The faith-filled community at SWU is comprised of students, faculty and staff who are passionate about learning and growing, both inside and outside of the classroom.

Meet the RAs and Lifeguards

Residence Roles

Residence Directors (RDs)

RDs are the visionaries and overseers for the communities. Each RD is tasked with driving the community forward both relationally and administratively. The RDs want to engage students on a personal level, playing roles in the administration of housing, community engagement, and conduct.

Assistant Residence Directors (ARDs)

ARDs are graduate assistants who help supervise the Residence Life staff. They spend their time ministering to the community and mentoring students. This is a developmental role providing space for recent graduates to grow in professionalism, administration, and leadership.

Resident Assistants (RAs)

RAs are student leaders who care about the culture, direction, and individuals that live on our campus. They serve as a primary contact point for emergencies, housing, and connecting with resources. These student leaders have a heart to care for their peers and a desire to nurture the SWU community.


Never do life alone! That is the motto of a Lifeguard at SWU. Lifeguards is a unique student-to-student resident ministry that seeks to create Christian community and provide godly care to each student. Your Lifeguard serves as a hall chaplain for your area of the SWU community, hosting events, engaging in spiritual conversation, and coming alongside RAs to provide support to the student body of SWU.

Meet our RAs


Sarah Pitts (RD)

Braeden Barrett

Seth Blackburn

Kalie Brown

Sean Lane

Von Lay

Sarah Watson



Emma Gocke (RD)

Bethannie Perrine (ARD)

Talissa Cannady

Grady Clark

Adam Cromer

Janey Dixon

Jacob Gourdin

Ainsley Grant

Drew Jones

Beth Kraft

Anne Lane


Mullinax Hall

Noah Cromer (RD)

Jared Baldwin

Ryan Hester

Kyndle Sims

Asa Sison

Merritt Smith

Sam Walker

Meet our Lifeguards


Noah Brayerton


Caleb caledwell


Makayla Carr

Joiner Hilson

Taylor Evatt

Mullinax Hall

Jordan Kuck

Mullinax Hall

David Magallan

Mullinax Hall

Sierra Makupson


Alexis Mammarello


Ryan McCachren


Riley Staley


Isaac Tassie


Alvaro Verdejo


Makayla Wilson


Riley Young