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Minor in Financial Planning

You’ll thank yourself later for adding a Financial Planning minor to your online degree program at SWU. This valuable minor will give you the skills you need to effectively manage your finances throughout your life. You can also apply lessons learned here to a career as a personal financial planner or financial advisor. This minor won’t earn you a Certified Financial Planner® certificate, but it will prepare you to complete your CFP® Certification Examination, so you can pursue your career as an advisor.


Required Courses for Minor (21 hours):

  • FPLN 3003 — Fundamentals of Financial Planning
  • FPLN 3103 — Insurance Planning
  • FPLN 3203 — Investment Income Planning
  • FPLN 3303 — Income Tax Planning
  • FPLN 3403 — Retirement Planning
  • FPLN 3503 — Estate Planning
  • FPLN 4003 — Financial Planning Case Study Applications
“Money wisdom is vital to both survive and thrive as adults in our modern society. It’s really not optional, so learn as much as you can as soon as you can. Your present and your future depend on it!”

Pete Benson
Author, Advisor and CEO of Beacon Capital Management

Federal financial aid regulations state that for each semester at least 50% of an On-Campus student’s course load must consist of face-to-face courses for the duration of the semester, and that for each semester at least 50% of a SWU Online student’s course load must consist of online courses for the duration of the semester.