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Transferring to SWU: A Student Experience

Transferring to SWU: A Student Experience

Transferring to SWU: A Student Experience

What is it like to transfer to SWU? We interviewed transfer student Jordan McDaniel to find out!

by Zach Wheeler on October 24, 2019

As if choosing a college to attend for the next four years of your life isn’t daunting enough; what if you suddenly realize you feel called somewhere else? What if you finish a two-year degree and have to decide on a four-year institution? How can you start the process of transferring? How do you know if transferring is the best choice for you? These are just a few of the many questions that every student thinking of transferring may ask. I had the joy of sitting down with SWU transfer student and psychology major Jordan McDaniel to talk about her SWU story!

Where did you transfer from? How many credits were carried over?

I transferred after finishing my associate's degree at Tri-County Technical College! Luckily for me, all of my credits transferred!

Why did you choose to transfer to SWU?

I chose SWU to further my education. From the get-go, my goal was always to have a bachelor's degree. I just never knew where I would end up or where that journey would take me! Then, randomly one night, I applied to SWU on impulse. So now looking back I truly believe God chose SWU for me.

Did you have any expectations coming into SWU? Were those met?

While I was at Tri-County, I discovered how important it is to gain knowledge, but I felt as if I was limited to a classroom. So my expectations for SWU were to learm more than just what I needed to get my degree. I feel like SWU does just that. SWU opened my mind to the entire world around me as well as showed me how deep my faith can be.

How Is SWU different from community college?

SWU is dramatically different from a community college! SWU cares for you and allows you to develop relationships that will last a lifetime. It surrounds you with a group of people who share common core beliefs. SWU also guides you within a tight-knit community where everyone is willing to reach out and help. I was educated in my community college, but SWU helped me find myself.

What sort of advice could you offer students wanting to transfer?

The advice I would give to students that want to transfer is don’t be afraid of the next step. SWU is a unique university that doesn’t just develop scholars; SWU develops enriched individuals and sets them up to succeed. Don’t stay in your comfort zone, take your next step.

For many students like Jordan, taking that next step is always the hardest move. However, God often calls us to step out of our boundaries and into His plan. What’s the next step God is asking you to take? If you or someone you know is pursuing the idea of transferring, visit our Transfer Webpage. Our dedicated admissions staff would love to speak with you and help you with your next steps!

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