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Which M.Ed. Degree is Right for You?

Which M.Ed. Degree is Right for You?

Which M.Ed. Degree is Right for You?

Classroom Leadership vs. Administration and Supervision

by Dr. Lisa Hall-Hyman on June 19, 2019

When it comes to a master’s degree, those looking to build upon prior educational experiences or advance into new careers in the field of education have two viable programs to choose from: the Master's of Education in Classroom Leadership (MEDCL) and the Master's of Education in Administration and Supervision (MEDAS). While both M.Ed. degrees promote success and aid in career advancement, there are some distinct differences between the two. The exact Master’s of Education degree best suited for you will depend largely on your career goals. 

Understanding the Difference Between MEDCL and MEDAS 

The M.Ed. in Classroom Leadership is the ideal option if you already hold a bachelor’s degree and wish to advance professionally as a teacher leader. This program will qualify you for a Teacher Leadership Endorsement through the South Carolina Department of Education and may make you eligible for a pay increase within your teaching district.

SWU’s online MEDCL program is rooted in an educational leadership framework that supports the advancement, application, and integration of relevant theory and practices within the classroom, with a focus on:

  • philosophical and psychological learning theory,
  • appropriate instructional strategies,
  • critical thinking,
  • contemporary issues and assessment. 

MEDCL graduates hold varied teacher leadership positions across the state of South Carolina to include: Instructional Facilitator, Department Chair, and Team Leader. 

The M.Ed. in Administration and Supervision is the ideal option if you are currently a PreK-12 classroom teacher with at least two years of teaching experience and aspire to become a school principal or district level administrator.

SWU’s online MEDAS program leads to advanced certification in the state of South Carolina and supports growth in the areas of:

  • educational leadership,
  • school operations and management,
  • community management, and
  • advanced educational research.

Additionally, if you already hold a master’s degree, a MEDCL program completion will qualify you for Masters Plus 30 status with the South Carolina Department of Education.

Ready to Start Earning Your Degree?

Earning a Master’s Degree in Education at Southern Wesleyan University places you on an intentional pathway to success. Our advanced programs in education are nationally accredited and renowned across the state of South Carolina. We offer a flexible online format, rigorous curricular and an array of practicum experiences that are sure to prepare you as an educational leader in the field. 

Click below to learn more about SWU’s online MEDCL and MEDAS programs:

Master of Education in Classroom Leadership (MEDCL)

Master of Educational Administration and Supervision (MEDAS)