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Information Technology Staff

Information Technology

Profile image of Brian  Bartlett

Brian Bartlett - Executive Director of Information Technology

Location: Rickman Library 0-136 APhone: 864-644-5050/5047
Profile image of Ryan  Garrett

Ryan Garrett - Security Specialist and Network Administrator

Location: Rickman Library 0-134 APhone: 864-644-5050/5046
Profile image of Thomas Parham

Thomas Parham - Integration Specialist

Location: Rickman Library 0-123Phone: 864-644-5050/5054
Profile image of Randy Jacobs

Randy Jacobs - Database Administrator

Location: Rickman Library 0-121Phone: 864-644-5050/5048
Profile image of Jamin Connor

Jamin Connor - Network Technician

Location: Rickman 0-128 CPhone: 864-644-5050/5052
Profile image of Warren Dennis

Warren Dennis - Assistant Director of Information Technology

Location: Rickman Library 0-128 BPhone: 864-644-5050/5051

Natasha Dongell - Administrative Associate to the Office of Information Technology

Location: Rickman Library 0-129Phone: 864-644-5050/5040