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Benson School of Business Faculty & Staff

Benson School of Business

Profile image of Dr. Debra Eischen

Dr. Debra Eischen - Associate Professor of Human Resources and Communications

Location: Stuart-Bennett 109Phone: 864-644-5485
Profile image of Dr. Lee Kizer

Dr. Lee Kizer - Professor of Human Resources and Business Ethics

Location: OffsitePhone: 803-645-7747
Profile image of Laura Timmerman

Laura Timmerman - Assistant Professor of Economics and Statistics

Location: Stuart-Bennett 110Phone: 864-644-5484
Profile image of Dr. Raul Chavez-Negrete

Dr. Raul Chavez-Negrete - Associate Professor of Management; Assessment Coordinator

Location: OffsitePhone: 540-710-3033
Profile image of Dr. Namhoon "August" Lee

Dr. Namhoon "August" Lee - Assistant Professor of Finance

Location: Stuart-Bennett 108Phone: 864-644-5487
Profile image of Dr. Raymond Attawia

Dr. Raymond Attawia - Assistant Professor of Economics and Management

Location: Stuart-Bennett 107Phone: 864-644-5492

Dr. Walter Henley - Associate Professor of Marketing

Location: OffsitePhone: 901-238-7910
Profile image of Dr. Kip Pirkle

Dr. Kip Pirkle - Professor of Management

Location: OffsitePhone: 540-460-8036
Profile image of Dr. Priscilla Hammond

Dr. Priscilla Hammond - Assistant Professor of Graduate Studies

Location: OffsitePhone: 770-310-3323
Profile image of Dr. Stephen Preacher

Dr. Stephen Preacher - Dean of the School of Business and Professor of Business

Location: School of Business 107Phone: 864-644-5486
Profile image of Meredith Gaskin

Meredith Gaskin - Administrative Assistant to the Dean of the School of Business and the RNBSN Program

Location: School of Business 104Phone: 864-644-5483